Kids Used as Lab Rats


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This sort of drug testing, etc., goes on right now, today, in the foster care system and in clinics that serve the poor. As in documented abuses, mainstream news stories. I became aware of it when researching a piece I wrote for a book titled "Under The Influence: The Disinformation Guide To Drugs" released in October of 2004. In fact, it was that issue that changed me, opened my eyes to the complete and total evil of the state. It is more than politically wrong, anti-liberty. The State is pure, flat, dark energy evil. As we all know, governments routinely engage in the mass murder of their citizens. 
Up to that point in time, I leaned left, a soft sort of socialism -- not the rabid, controlling ceiling crowd (those that can't stand the concept of anyone having more than someone else), but more concerned about the floor (in the sense of there is a certain level that nobody should be left to fall below) with the belief that the 'right' sort of government could solve that.

After that first incident caught my attention, a NYC foster home busted allowing AIDS drugs to be tested on infants, along with double doses of common vaccines, I kept on delving deeper into the foster/state care issue, the unbelievable human and civil rights abuses. Following the money was eye-opening, and there's a whole lot of it to follow. Big Pharm money, state money, fed money, all the parasite industries that have sprung up around the foster-incarceration system. It is sickening, hard to conceive of such complete and total evil.

Furthermore, drugs are tested without consent on the American population, Level III human trials. I first noted that while putting together an STR issue back when I first was a guest editor here. It was an ABC News story about fake blood being tested in trauma units throughout the US that caught my eye. It just happened that one of my local hospitals was one of the sites. If they felt a case met the test requirements, they just did it, no papers, no permission, no nothin'.