How Americans Lost the Right to Counsel, 50 Years After 'Gideon'


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**Just finished this. It is interesting to see the beginnings of a Constitutional law enacted and then watch the author carry you down the line to its demise.
I guess it depends a lot upon where you live as to whether you can get an attorney appointed to you or not. It reflects the lawless nature of those above us.
www.FreedomOutcast" (established in 1776) todays issue carries [o]bama saying some people are just above others like the Animal Farm. Some of us deserve to live while others of us deserve to die, probably meaning me and others in my age bracket.
The article show humans as creeps to begin with and attempting to correct a wrong but in the end we are creeps.
I had the misfortune to have a personal experiance with this, but was able to obtain an attorney for the person I was helping otherwise he may have been facing 15 years in prison for something that was out of his knowledge and control.
"What is Justice?". "Will we ever see Justice?"

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In 2003, attempting to fire my public 'defender," Yavapai County Superior Court Judge William Kiger informed me that I was entitled to an attorney; I was not, however, entitled to a competent one.

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** I have heard that song and dance before also. In some cases you might be better off to defend yourself.