What's So Special About Newtown?

Column by Paul Bonneau.

Exclusive to STR

By now it seems everything that could be said about Newtown, has already been said--multiple times in some cases. Here’s an attempt to bring something new to the discussion.

Why are people horrified? When I sit back and think about this, a few things come to mind.

First is the thing that virtually every parent must feel: the dread that they may some day have to bury a child. No decent parent wants to outlive their children, no matter how old the latter may be.

Second is the age of these 20 children in particular, 6 and 7 years. It’s distressing to think that these young lives ended so abruptly.

The third point is the picture we have in our minds of the event itself, of children running and screaming in terror for their lives, and the inability of any adults there to help them.

Looking harder at the first of these factors, of course it must be a very common occurrence. Over 2.4 million people die in the US every year--who knows what percentage of those are survived by a parent? It must be a significant fraction. So, despite the horror of Newtown, their deaths in this respect are far from special.

Going to the second factor, their tender age, we can look at another statistic. In approximately the same age group, 5 to 9 years, there are 835 accidental deaths every year in the U.S. It’s pretty clear a significant fraction of these are automobile accidents. Parents likely strap their kids into their minivans without a thought that they are subjecting these kids to 835/20 or over 40 times the risk they have of experiencing a “Newtown event” (assuming one of these would happen every year). A lot of young kids die in this country, so in this respect the Newtown fatalities are also far from special.

The third factor is distressing to contemplate, but think about it. One minute they were all calmly doing their normal tasks. Then three minutes or so of utter terror. Then they were gone.

How hard a death is this, relatively speaking? Is it worse than some child in a hospital bed, in pain for years, with numerous tubes hooked up to him? No, of course not. Of course not. The manner of their deaths, while unusual and shocking to contemplate, were not actually worse than hundreds or thousands of children experience in this country every year, never mind the horrors of the vastly larger numbers (including those caused by the U.S. government’s endless wars) in the rest of the world. In this factor also, the Newtown fatalities are not all that special.

It is true that the children who survived will be psychologically scarred--particularly after the consoling industry gets through with them. Maybe this is a problem better left to parents?

All children in this world who die had plans for their lives, even those whose deaths weren’t quite so newsworthy. All parents of these had hopes for their children. All survivors are emotionally shattered.

After a while it dawns on a person that what really is so special about Newtown is not so much related to the children themselves, as it is to the political hay that can be made from the event. Some have called this “dancing in the blood of the children.” To me, that is a bit harsh, but still it conveys a kernel of truth. Reputations will be made, agendas will be advanced, and so on, from this tragedy. It doesn’t matter if the supposed remedies will not reduce the likelihood of a subsequent similar tragedy. It doesn’t even matter if the supposed remedy will make things worse. All that matters is that there is a big, emotional churn out there, ripe for harvest by unprincipled, evil bastards. What decent person was not appalled by the crocodile tears shed by Obama over Newtown, a man with many children’s blood on his hands, a man who claims the right to kill any person on the planet he pleases?

People wonder how wars can start, given their horror. Who after all, in his right mind, wants war? I think the answer is the shaping of thought and action by the ruling class, in times of emotional turmoil. We will never move beyond war until we stop letting these people manipulate us.

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One factor you left out is the fact that these murders were perpetrated by an adult, on purpose, with intent to kill. Accidents and disease are different in some way in our minds because there was no intent behind the deaths. I'm not sure why that is a distinction, but it is one.

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You are right, that is a factor, but I don't know what to do with it. What matters is not so much the shooter's state of mind (pretty unfathomable in any case), but that of the observers of the incident.

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I wholly disagree. the term "Dancers in the blood of children" is the most appropriate term that can be given to these legislative mosters in the District of criminals. Even Jehovah [o[bama could not resist putting in a valed threat of his intents, especially since he has murdered 726 children and 800 plus innocent adults with his "accurate drones"
To dance in the blood of children is no less a monster than the shooter was.

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My intention with this article was not to preach to the choir. Thus I reject the use of the phrase "dancing in blood" even though I might myself think that is what is going on. My intended audience is people who won't be impressed with such high octane verbiage. There is already too much "talking past each other" going on as it is.

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The single,mose efficient thing that can be done to reduce the crime rate in this nation is to get rid of all the "gun-free zones" The national average of LEO response time to a scene of violence is 8 minutes when it is seconds that count to you as the victim. Chicago, Illinois, New York, New York along with Connecticut have some of the nations strictes gun laws imaginable, the hurdels you must go through just to buy a gun is phenomonal. A lot of good the strict gun laws did in Connecticut. If the principal and a few responsible teachers were armed and trained this event would not happened because the shooter would have been aware they were armed, ergo he would loose his motivation and have to pick another target least suspecting.
The most crucial thing anyone can do about their safety is to always be aware of where you are and what is going on around you. If you don't like it, get out.

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Heartfelt and intelligent summnation, Paul. I guess a lot of us are appalled at the so-called investigation in Newtown. Now do many of us believe that Adam, point blank and repeatedly, shot his mother in the face, and then (WTF) removed his hard drive smashed that with a hammer, then dressed in bullet proof clothing (And where and when was that outfit purchased?) and then marched into a school that allegedly had no CCTV, and shot 20 kids and 6 teachers. Notice that no wounded have been quoted by the MSM about any of the proceedings. Were there no wounded? And WTF happened to the others in the woods that were detained? No word from the Keystone Connecticut cops there either.
Gordon Duff and Niall Bradley over at VeteransToday.com ask many of these same questions (link below). We oldtimers who have witnessed these same massacres way too many times seek truth.
Thanks for your insight Paul, and excuse my rant.
Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control (49630)

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Very good find, Douglas, of that VT article.

Suggestion: it's very important to maintain a critical faculty. Perhaps this was a false flag job; the author does a good job of relating inconsistencies in the official story. But it's also possible that the spokesmen were just confused.

We know government is evil, but we also know it is grotesquely incompetent - and that the grunts like the local cops and the teachers probably have genuine beliefs that they are doing good work. This article calls the cops "Keystone Connecticut" but also suggests that there is a huge, preplanned conspiracy here to murder children and fabricate a story.

Hard to see how one can have both of those. Either they are sinister but clever peddlers of fiction, or else they are mixed up and fallible.

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It is hard to see how a "grotesquely incompetent" organization would be able to run an agent provocateur on a website for years without detection-yet you seemed pretty sure they had done just that, and were happy to make wild accusations, the other day, Jim.

Why is THAT believable, but government involvement at Sandy Hook is not?

I have yet to see anything that compels me to think that this shooting is anything other than what it appears*. That said, we cannot simply dismiss government-or private-malfeasance just because Barney Fife runs the Conn. Police, or because the woman at the DMV is a nitwit.

To do so would be incredibly dangerous. Government is nothing but people, and its bureaus are filled with both the dull and the brilliant...and the mediocre. Congress is an incredibly well-educated coven of highly intelligent f---s, and while it is easy to paint them as incompetent as a group, individual members of congress live quite nice lives...that is not by accident. So to, by the way, does the unaccountable Barney...

Government has difficulty filling potholes, but if you want the entire city incinerated by this afternoon they are your guys. Likewise if you want to manipulate the internal politics of another country without notice, or if you want to start a war.

If you want to manipulate currency and markets to benefit a few rent-seekers while convincing the sloe-eyed public that the market is both "free" and benefiting them-look to government (with the help of corporate interests...created by government.)

If you'd like to infect unwilling men with VD in order to study its effects secretly, besmirch the reputation of civil rights leaders, or dupe the stupid into planting fake bombs; look to government.

I really don't see why it should be so hard to see how government can be both stunningly inept and brutally competent-it simply depends on what people are doing what, and why. Governments are the most sophisticated organizations that people form-if only they were truly incompetent.

Sadly, while I doubt that government was involved here, or in many of the popular conspiracies frankly, they-at least some of them-are most certainly capable of such a thing. And we would never know it.


*There really seems to be a valid question as to what weapon(s) were used in this case.

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Regarding Paul, Mike, your post contains my answer. I agree that unfortunately, some in government are quite smart. They have a proven ability to run informers and ag-pros in a variety of organizations and if STR doesn't have one, it means they don't see us as much of a threat.

The post of mine to which you refer says that Paul is "probably" one of their agents in my opinion, but also states three indisputable facts to prove that his advice, if taken in the circumstances described, would destroy this community. He may have given that advice as a result of sheer folly and stupidity, on his own; I don't know. But he seems to me articulate (as above in the present article for example) and intelligent; hence the "probability" in my view. The accusation was not "wild", but made after serious consideration and abundant evidence.

As you saw no doubt, Paul and I have referred the matter to our Editor. One or both of us will soon be departing.

As for Newtown, you and I are pretty well in sync. The conspiracy theorists can have government spokesmen issuing multiple contradictions, or else presenting a well prepared fiction; but hardly both at the same time. For interest, I wrote a quick rebuttal to four of VT's article's strongest points, and loaded it to http://www.theanarchistalternative.info/zgb/newtown.htm

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"Sadly, while I doubt that government was involved here, or in many of the popular conspiracies frankly, they-at least some of them-are most certainly capable of such a thing. And we would never know it."

This is my reading as well. I intentionally stayed out of the "false flag" end of things as (to me) it is beside the point.

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Cheers Paul,

I can easily accept government involvement. When I review {o}bama's past life, and affiliations, connections there are clearly elements that would certainly suggest such actions. We can go all the way back to Tuskeegee and forward with all the crap the government has implanted itself into secretely. Plus. it does not exclude any other groups on our soil to concoct such skeems. The Connectcut thing has far too many unanswered questions to the way events unraveled thee

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G'day Douglas Herman,

According to the article you linked to, B. Hussein Obama quoted this verse from scripture, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

What is "seen", in my opinion, IS frickin' "eternal"...death is as "eternal" as it gets; those poor souls[1] will never walk the Earth again, and, (once more, in my opinion), that hypocrite knows it.

[1] A nephesh, or soul, (as it was first translated in the KJV), is, "properly a breathing creature", not some intangible part of us that flits off to a cloud somewhere when a living being dies.

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Doug, checked the site out and sat stunned. I really felt stupid. It's so much easier to let someone else tell you what happened and not question. I would only hope those morons would not be that filthy but it does not avoid the probability considering all the other stupid stuff they say and do.

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Hey Glock & Jim,
   Thanks for hat tips. Just wanted to add that feature @VetToday to the mix. Even the CME didn't seem to know that most bullets from AR 15s would go thru & thru, and what or where are any video or photos, of the Newtown crime scene?
Also, why not simply ask at public schools if any teachers/ admin would volunteer as weapons ready? Israel has this policy. I imagine many school teachers would volunteer, and thus no need for armed guards, as the NRA proposes.
And one last question: How was it determined that Adam actually shot his mother? Circumstantial evidence, unproven, IMHO. The CME is no Noguchi.
   "Noguchi had his assistant rush up to the operating suite to retrieve the hair shaved from his (RFK)s head prior to the surgery. It was a smart move, for the hair was ultimately found to contain unburnt gunshot powder residue, which spoke to the closeness of the muzzle to RFK's head. Yet the skull bones containing the inshoot hole were never officially delivered to Noguchi during the autopsy."
Anybody that bother to look objectively at the RFK and JFK murders realizes it was all smoke & mirrors. Newtown has way too many suspicious elements too.

Robert Kennedy's Headwounds, Part 1: The Case for Co

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Doug, is there a part II. I couldn't find it, but then I didn't look real hard. figured if you knew it would be easier to ask than hunt

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Paul's summary:

    "...People wonder how wars can start, given their horror. Who after all, in his right mind, wants war? I think the answer is the shaping of thought and action by the ruling class, in times of emotional turmoil..."

"The ruling class" promulgate an abstract we are urged to call "government". Or "The-State". These terms are the huge obfuscation of psychopaths who understand how easily emotional responses can be elicited from helpless, fawning sheep.

The stock-in-trade of the politician is hype -- "false flag" episodes -- always, always violence toward "civil rights" (a strange, collectivist term itself when you boil it down). These beasts think nothing of the destruction of hundreds, thousands, millions of lives when a directed purpose ("dominant social theme" is Daily Bell's phrase) can be achieved, and an abstract villain ("terror", "poverty") can be blamed.

Once again, to augment Paul's theme, I strongly recommend Delmar England's "Insanity as the Social Norm": http://www.anarchism.net/anarchism_insanityasthesocialnorm.htm