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Dennis Wilson
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A Subject Index to my Published Articles starts at
Subjects consist of (The Covenant of Unanimous Consent) (Threat Assessments from a Sovereign Individual perspective.) (The Unnecessary War Against Immigrants) (Living without IP monopoly, the Last Mile to living without government)
and other misc articles.


Dennis Lee Wilson - Excerpt from brief bio at
"If you want to BE free, you must do things that MAKE you free."
I am  philosophically and morally an Objectivist. I am also the creator of Atlas Shrugged Celebration Day in Ouray, Colorado which features Judge Narragansett's New Constitution Project and which in turn demonstrated to me the unworkability of “constitutional”, mini-statist governments. (Important Note: There is no formal “Objectivist Politics”. Ayn Rand  only indicated some of her personal preferences).

As a consequence of working the New Constitution Project, I discovered the virtue of Anarchism/Agorism. A really good description is at Jim Davies site: I also discovered, became a Signatory to and ardent advocate of the Covenant of Unanimous Consent and have written articles about it and other libertarian/anarchist/Agorist issues.

I was a business representative for the Objectivist organization, Nathaniel Branden Institute, for many years and I am a semi-retired architectural designer, multi-property owner (landlord), computer software engineer/manager and commodity speculator.

I have recently rejoined both Mensa and the Triple Nine Society. For several years I was editor of Vidya, the Journal of the Triple Nine Society. More recently my articles have been published at various places on the web and on my personal website & blog at See  

My graphic designs, including the  “NEVER FORGET” images on this page, are at Artemis Zuna Trading Post


"NEVER FORGET" is available on many items at as are many other Liberty oriented designs.