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Marc Stevens is the author of Adventures in Legal Land and the host of The No State Project on the We the People Radio Network, the only show on the air dedicated to bringing about a voluntary society.


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Propaganda From Dr. Ron Paul
Marc Stevens 2006-04-09 16:00
I tend to agree with most of what Dr. Paul writes. However, his article posted on last week ('The Immigration Question') was so inconsistent with libertarian principles I had to publicly respond. First, so I don't repeat myself too much, I wrote an article explaining there is no such thing as an 'illegal alien' because 'citizens' and 'nations' do not exist. Having seen...
Who Really Hates Our Freedom
Marc Stevens 2005-09-06 16:00
While flipping through some TV channels, I was unfortunate enough to catch a few moments of a smirking politician rambling on about freedom and liberty. What a tragic comedy. The fact that politicians still have a market to spew their crap is a testament to the lack of thought of the average viewer of such pretended "news" programs.
There"s No Such Thing as an "Illegal Alien"
Marc Stevens 2004-05-24 16:00
There's an incredible amount of energy expended on the subject of so-called "illegal aliens." These are men, women and children who allegedly are not in the "country" "legally." People who think they're "citizens" believe physical force may be used against "illegal aliens" to cage them and send them back to their "country." This use of physical violence is called "deportation." One of the biggest...
The Government Hoax
Marc Stevens 2004-05-03 16:00
The government hoax is probably the oldest, most pervasive and stubborn of hoaxes. It's the belief in non-existent "states" and "nations," and that "government" is both legitimate and necessary. In the geographic area of the North American continent commonly referred to as the "United States," it's claimed only "government" can provide the service of protecting "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of...
Is the "United States" a Christian "Nation"?
Marc Stevens 2004-03-24 17:00
A popular myth is the "United States" is a "Christian nation" or a "nation" founded on Judeo-Christian ethics. This is actually two separate myths: 1) there is a "nation" and 2) it's founded on Judeo-Christian ethics. The first myth, that there is a "nation," is proven to be a myth by Judeo-Christian ethics themselves. As I will show, a "nation," as we know it, cannot be founded on Judeo-...
Howard Stern"s the Immoral One???
Marc Stevens 2004-03-23 17:00
Infinity Broadcasting was given a "proposed forfeiture" by the so-called 'FCC.' This was because Howard Stern did a show alleged to be "lewd and vulgar, and that it appeared to have been used to pander, titillate and shock." Excuse me, but who's really in the wrong here? Let's examine how both Howard Stern and the so-called 'FCC' do business using two objective standards: 1) Is the...