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Chris Basten is a freelance writer in the Minneapolis, MN area and a strong proponent of libertarian/anarchist values. He can be found as a guest columnist from time-to-time on


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Columns by Chris Basten

Protection from Protectionism
Chris Basten 2004-09-29 16:00
What do the government and a condom have in common? They both try and protect you while you get screwed. Unfortunately, unlike a condom, you can't easily dispose of the government. In fact, the more the government tries to screw you, the more it does so in the name of protection. At least with condoms, people can choose whether or not they want to get screwed and whether or not they want to...
Thy Kingdom Come...Undone
Chris Basten 2004-07-06 16:00
If it isn't Bush with the Republicans, it's Kerry with the Democrats. Even anti-statist libertarians are showering presidential-elect, Michael Badnarik, with support for the most coveted crown in the 'free' world. The Constitution Party honors Michael Peroutka as their next God. And then there's always Ralph Nader for the motley crew to follow. Government isn't the answer, we're told, but there...
The Riddles of Religiosity
Chris Basten 2004-05-10 16:00
Someone help me understand. I'm very confused. Most humans I encounter who proclaim to be Christian don't go off spouting about their beliefs unless someone directly asks them to. Even then they are a little uncomfortable disparaging something that is very private for them. They identify with those who don't want to be badgered about why they believe what they do. It's really no one else's...
The Vicissitudes of Anarchy
Chris Basten 2004-04-11 16:00
America and Iraq are compelling contrasts in peace and mass pandemonium. Even though Americans are deeply divided among many fronts, we still happen to live tranquilly without organizing militias and mobs to settle our disputes (we tend to rely on lawsuits instead). Taken as a whole, we generally don't blow ourselves up and take others with us, either. Most disasters are limited to separate...