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In Honor of Anthony and Mary Guarisco
Vincent L. Guarisco 2008-03-02 17:00
March 3, 2008 Anthony Guarisco: a severe Alzheimer's patient whose memories are quickly drifting away . . . A WWII and Korea Navy Combat Veteran who founded and directed the International Alliance of Atomic Veterans (IAAV with AAV here in the US).             Mary C Guarisco: 1934 ' 2007 AAV Cofounder, Executive Secretary,...
Don't Fall Victim to America's Cash Crop: War
Vincent L. Guarisco 2005-03-15 17:00
"Nothing is the same, even as nothing changes. The ghosts of war are chained to America 's ankles, as it marches onward. I have a poster from the days of Vietnam . I have kept it all these years as a reminder of the politics behind war. It is a photograph of Arlington Cemetery , neat orderly rows of white headstones, on green grass, below a sunny sky. The caption reads: We are the unwilling...