The Fiscal Crisis and Criminal Justice Reform


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But, I repeat myself.

"Funny how those who attack agriculture as unhealthy or unsustainable have never had to produce their own food. Funny too how those who would advocate some variant of “rewilding” or launch a grand critique of civilization are often those who live an indoor life of academics and philosophy.

I respect any who criticize the modern state and modern systems of soft-fascism and statism.

However, I would invite you to live off the land, to farm and raise livestock and split wood for your fire. To work with your hands mending and repairing and preserving. To live and work with sympathy for the land and its product while understanding and appreciating its fruits and gifts.

When you have lived this life of work and sweat and self-sufficient satisfaction, you will appreciate freedom no less, you may be no less anti-statist, but you will have a better perspective on the fine lines between the modern state (and all of its evils) and the concept of “civilization”, without which most (if not all) commenting on this site would quickly die a miserable death of starvation and exposure.

In other words, try walking the walk before you talk the talk.

To do less is to appear as intellectually dishonest in advocating for us all a road that you yourself have not yet traveled."

Comment by Barbedwiresmile — 17 June 2009 @ 9:22 AM

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First, do you have any evidence that has anything to do with the UN!?!? Good lord, your extreme paranoia is really funny! Especially coming from you, the oh-my-god-it's-LIBEL Drama Queen. Hey, I DEMAND a JURY! lol! Anyway, you reveal yourself as a bald-faced liar today. You're pathetic.

Second, "Barbedwiresmile" vacuously conflates primitive society with people who "farm and raise of work and sweat." Wow! In reality, foraging and agriculture are about as opposite as opposites can get. Foragers aren't much interested in working hard, which is why White Invaders referred to the Indians as "lazy." To be that dull-witted takes a level of stupidity I can barely fathom.

Third, the critique of city-Statism (civilization) isn't necessarily advocating primitivism. It's just an honest accounting of where we were and how we got here, and dispenses with the Hobbesian mythology that million of years of human history were "nasty, brutish, and short" and calling into question the Abrahamic skygod hierarchy of Gen. 1:26.

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THE AGENDA 21 DEATH MAP and the UNited States of America

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