"3rd-Class Relic" from WTC Tours Detroit Suburb

On Memorial Day in St. Clair Shores, a parade of idolaters venerated a 3rd-class relic plucked from the debris of the World Trade Center. The 5-foot steel beam was adored as a 3rd-class relic by the faithful because tradition claims it touched the elbow of a first-responder on September 11.
The relic failed to achieve 2nd-class status because the State’s advocatus diaboli demonstrated that no first-responder actually used the I-beam on a daily basis, which is a requirement of 2nd-class status. Only the body of a saint (or part of it) can be a 1st-class relic. Rumor says the holy beam was smelted from Minnesota ore dug from an open pit next to a veteran’s cemetery. Tears were shed at the goading of hectors and costume-wearing acolytes.
In the wind-up to the parade, the holy I-beam was on solemn display at the St. Clair Shores Fire Department on Harper Road. No miracles reported. Here's the article from the Macomb Daily.