He Pays No Tax!

That's the current accusation by the Hillarymedia, leveled at her adversary. Ridiculous, but an amazing number of people believe it. If only it were true! Today's ZGBlog Taxes, Trumped explores the scene.


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To repeat an oft-made comment by me, I sort of hope Trump "wins" next month. Not that I have a dog in the fight or believe my world (which revolves around MY belly-button :-] ) will be affected one way or the other. But, like the "Brexit" vote, it could give us some indication as to how many of the unwashed masses are moving in our direction. "Win" or "lose", we can still glean some signal from the vote -- and it will be fun to see how many of the hoi polloi have been able to skinny out from under the constant inundation of the press and, as you mention, the 12 year indoctrination.

Each day or week or month I gain an insight or two that solidifies my desire to be and to remain a free, sovereign "state". And I also have an indwelling curiosity as to just what percentage of adults around me are also are absorbing some of the increasing "alternative media" phenomenon. Just when I feel most alone in this thing, someone up or down the street will say or write something that gives me hope.

As I commented recently, last time I voted (1964 -- devastated by the trouncing of my hero, Barry Goldwater) there was no such thing as the internet. "Mainstream media" was for the most part all there was. I suspected my new-found friend, Karl Hess, was rather of a kook -- until he introduced me to Harry Browne.

Lots of h2o under the bridge and hope for the future. Sam