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A Short History of the USA

Today's ZGBlog crams into one page the story of America, from foundation until today. Necessarily it's a bit sketchy, but is guaranteed not to resemble what is taught in government schools. Please enjoy The Empire's Rise and Fall.

Laughter: a great medicine, but not quite enough


Today's Zero Government Blog is devoted to a critical appraisal of the popular and highly amusing blogger and author, Fred Reed. Enjoy Funny, Fallible Fred!

One less tyrant

No promises about his replacement, but at long last one of the worst, most vicious rulers in Africa took his long-awaited departure last week. Today's ZGBlog on Rhodesia celebrates the story and notes how the tyranny began.

A New Rothbard Book

It's The Progressive Era, about that grotesquely mis-named period surrounding the year 1900; and it's Murray Rothbard at his best. I've not read it all yet, for there's a great deal to digest, but today's ZGBlog offers a review of the first few chapters.
Strongly recommended!

Private Money, while awaiting the ZGS

Financial privacy in the coming Zero Government Society will of course be absolute, but in the meanwhile it's mostly a sick joke. The use of cash is about the only way to get it, and governments are waging a relentless war on cash.
Gold and silver coins make a better alternative, and as the State begins to crumble a few years hence those will be more and  more widely accepted; but there will still remain the problem of making payments at a distance, not face to face.
This week's ZGBlog proposes a solution: Mailable, Private Money. Does anyone know a metal worker, able to make uniform thin sheets? Please let me know if so.

What Governments Do

Everything they do is negative. Today's ZGBlog is called Market Deniers, for that definition fits them well; they destroy what would otherwise take place naturally in a society. They actively prevent humankind reaching its potential.
Four everyday examples are given, in which government prevents voluntary agreements taking place.



AGW warriors call us "Climate Deniers", as if such a thing were even possible. But perhaps the nice warm October gave us a foretaste of Global Warming - if so, the more the merrier. Enjoy Warm Weather, this week's ZGBlog.

Rich Kids


A fairly common archist bleat is that without government, a small number of ruthless, powerful families would amass wealth over a few generations and impoverish the rest of us.
Today's ZGBlog, Inherited Wealth, puts that myth to rest.

Murder in the USA


- and elsewhere. The drumbeat of archist propaganda says American is a violent society, and that laws - especially against guns - are needed to tame it. This week's ZGBlog is Murder by Country, and shows the opposite is the case.

Machine-gun Mayhem in a Free Society


When government and all its laws have been scrapped, including those that limit what guns people can own, won't there be an uncontrollable rash of mass murder and mayhem such as Stephen Paddock allegedly spawned in Las Vegas?
Today's Zero Government Blog suggests not. Enjoy.

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