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October 30, 2007

Looking at one of the millions of 'Support Our Troops' stickers on a van in front of me the other day, it dawned on me that the intent of the person who bought that sticker is probably positive. However, their thinking is twisted by the government/media to actually believe that supporting our troops, the individual grunts on the ground, means supporting the politicians and war profiteers who got the war started in the first place. From the Republicans and neoconservative Straussians who actually created the wars, to the current majority Democrats who continue to dump BILLIONS more taxpayer dollars into them to continue them, the war pigs have successfully twisted reality to the point of making the U2 lyrics true: ''where fact is fiction and TV reality.'

What we really need to do is to support our troops by awakening them. We need to awaken them to the realities the media and government either refuse to discuss or at best give only an inadequate amount of attention to.

Nobody likes to be played for a fool. This is exactly what Bush and all the plutocrats in Congress are doing to America 's military members and their families. With painfully few exceptions, the politicians and their backers are cruelly using the lives of America 's youth to promote their own careers and line the pockets of their wealthy, greedy buddies. A good example is Ray L. Hunt, who's a rich oil friend of both George W. and Dick Cheney. He's also on the Board of Directors of Haliburton. He recently signed a big oil deal with the Kurds. Hunt and his corporation stand to make billions of oil dollars through the land that American troops have died and are still dying for. The war profiteer business is bloody good these days!

American troops are not only being sacrificed for the benefit of Bush and his oil buddies, more importantly they're being sacrificed for the benefit of the Jewish terrorist state of Israel . Bush's rich buddies getting richer from the blood of America 's youth is only a residual result of the main driving force for these wars: Israel 's security and expansion. Not only do US troops die and get wounded for Israel 's security, but also for efforts to provide oil for Israel . Israel benefits from the blood of our troops by getting closer to realizing its longtime goal of pumping Iraqi oil to Hiafa , Israel .

Even higher on the Israeli wish list is to have US politicians from both parties risk the lives and well being of America's Marines and soldiers to bring instability to Israel's neighbors/enemies. This was and is a giant success in Iraq ! Now the Israeli lobby is directing the cowards, who sheeple waste their time voting for, to stir things up and to bring instability to Syria and Iran .

Don't count on some truth-driven reporter to expose this warmongering on the nightly news. Not even Jon Stewart of 'The Daily Show' has taken on this key issue of the Israeli lobby!

To really support the troops, we need to awaken them. No self-respecting person who is honest with themselves will continue to play the fool once they're made aware of what's really going on. Just as we would tell a good friend that their spouse is cheating on them if we knew that for a fact, we need to let our troops know they and their fellow soldiers and Marines are being played for fools as the Commander in Chief and his fellow kosher plutocrats waste their lives and limbs

for selfish and foreign interests. We need to awaken them with the facts. It's the only way we can ever truly support them. One organization that seems like it's doing some good is a group of Iraq War vets, Iraq Veterans Against the War. Check out their website.

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