Schiavo Case Shows the Emptiness of Revealed Religion

With the US government giving literally billions of tax dollars to the 'revealed' religions through their faith-based scam, it's important that American taxpayers know something about the happy recipients of this financial bonanza and the claims they make.

Politicians are liars. That's a known fact. They demonstrate this all the time. Right now there are over 1,500 dead Americans who died based on the lies and deceptions of Bush and gang and their false claims of mushroom clouds over America and WMD in Iraq.

Now these liars and political whores are catering to the unreasonable demands of their allies in the magic world of revealed religion by going against the 'principles' most in the Republican Party say they embrace - minimal government! The political hacks know emotions get more votes than reason from the religious right. They created a law that applies to just one person! Terri Schiavo's husband said she didn't want to live plugged into a machine. Her parents disputed that. They went through the state court system and Terri's husband won. It should have been the final word, but the religious fanatics feel they have a higher word, the word of their Bible god. And the politicians are trying to get political capital from it.

The Christian fanatics who are demanding the government intervene and go against the individual wishes of Terri Schiavo and her husband are revealing the weakness and hollowness of Christianity and its Bible.

If the Christians demanding that Terri's feeding tube be reinserted really believed in the Bible, they would simply heal Terri. The Bible is loaded with false claims to faith-healing. For example, Mark 16:18 states that Christians will be able to, 'lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.' Why don't they do that? Maybe, because it's just an empty false promise that the Bible is filled to overflowing with.

Christian leaders like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell (who recently was released from the hospital--I guess he didn't want to bother his Lord for a quick healing!) and Benny Hinn make a financial killing on selling people on the Biblical lie of faith-healing. Pat Robertson even heals people through the TV. Surely he can heal Terri Schiavo without even leaving his mansion in Virginia!

Benny Hinn seems to have a 'special calling' to be a healer for the Bible god. His TV shows and web-site are filled with claims to healing people of everything from deafness to AIDS. If the Christians are correct, and the Bible is true and the Word of God, healing Terri Schiavo should not be a problem.

Another thing I don't understand about the Christians is their outlook on death. If what is really important is a person's spirit and everlasting life with Jesus, what's the big deal if Terri dies? She'll spend eternity with Jesus in the Christian heaven. What's wrong with that?

The contradictions of Christianity and the Bible have spilled over into the Bush boys, George and Florida Governor Jeb, and their efforts to spread democracy while nullifying the US Constitution. The Constitutional way of dealing with this sad situation is through the courts. The courts did not decide in the right way, as far as the religious right and the Bush boys are concerned. They then took efforts to get their way, like the spoiled rich kids they are, by having Congress write a new individual law that would pressure the courts to rule in their favor. To date, the courts are holding their ground.

Political prostitute Tom DeLay even believes Terri Schiavo's sad predicament is some sort of political gift from God. He said the case will make America aware of what's going on in America, how the poor conservatives are being unfairly attacked, himself included. I don't see how DeLay getting political gains out of milking Terri's situation is going to help DeLay with his problems from violating ethic standards. Perhaps, I just don't have the right kind of faith?

It's sad the way the religious fanatics and the politicians are using this unfortunate situation for their own selfish gain.

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