You Won’t Be Able To Tell Where Your Meat Comes From Now, Thanks To Congress


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You can still know where your meat comes from. It's just more work. You have to seek out local, open farmers. Talk to them, volunteer at their farm, get to know them. They are our future.

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Gratuitous advice. Learn to hunt & fish. Gutting & scaling fish is easy, as are birds. Because you never know when the Dear Leader is gonna classify all the little meat stores and cattle operation kulaks, and shut em down.

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Is this Strike-The-Root, or has it changed to some kind of socialist daily?  Real libertarians don't support government-mandated labeling.

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I get most of mine from longtime family owned meat store that butcher & prepares it themselves. I trust them to do it right & have never had a problem in over a decade of patronage. So it can be done. Whole Foods sells meat tho it's pricey.