Yes, Gay Marriage Hurts Me Personally


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"Blaze" readers could never imagine libertarian thinking. Some might grasp Libertarian-ism (note upper case "L"). Slightly.

So the social engineers are having a heyday with religionists over this "gay" thing. Most of us reading this on STR understand: with psychopaths of state penguins are elephants and cats are squirrels.

In is out. Up is down. Bad is good. Etc etc etc

But this guy is wigged out about it. I mean, "our" government must do something! These gays are taking over for pity sake!

Religionists (as I've observed them -- your mileage may vary) simply can't separate human government systems from marriage. For them, it's in the book. So there isn't much sense in discussing this US Supreme Court thing with them. They firmly believe psychopaths in black dresses have "authority" over them. And you. And me.

And that's what makes them rather dangerous. Sam

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I thought the author did a good job of highlighting the liberal hypocrisy of someone demanding that he kill himself, with a #LoveWins hashtag.

But yeah, he is definitely wigged out.  Hyperbole much?