Would a libertarian society deprive individuals of cultural roots and collective identity?


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This article is chock full of straw men. It is a cartoon view of libertarianism.

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I'm thinking that it's impossible for a non-anarchist or non-libertarian to envision non-collectivism. Their entire experience is a collectivist experience.

They might come over of their own accord, in their own time. That's my history. But in my case, the student (I) had to be ready before the teacher (Karl Hess, later Harry Browne, Robert Ringer, et al.) appeared.

That's the impact this article has on me. This student (Henderson) may never be ready. But then again, he may be.



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One more thought: Most who attempt to project "...what a libertarian society would (or will) be like..." cannot escape from the mindset that dictates it will need direction and "leadership" (read: tyrannical rulers). It's simply beyond their capacity to imagine anarchy arising spontaneously, individual by individual -- one being at a time.

I am a sovereign state. Sui Juris. Nobody "represents" me -- anywhere. Here's (in part) what that means: if you say you're free, you're correct. If you say you're not free, you're also correct. I'm in no position to judge you one way or another -- as long as you leave your hands off me or mine.

I can argue all day about what a "free society" will be like. It's mental masturbation. All I know is what MY freedom is like. Today.

"Society" is one of those abstractions that has no substance. You exist and I
exist. I'd hate to have to imagine where one society ends and another begins -- does this society end 3 houses down the street with folks I haven't met yet?

All I can advise (if you're askin', and you ain't) is "be free".