The Worst Homeland-Security Menace


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That news will be welcomed by the sales reps and biz dev people who've been pushing the scanning machines. Also, there's an interesting tidbit in the middle of this article:

"Meanwhile, the TSA has now told its 40,000 airport screeners that they have the right to unionize on a limited basis -- defeating the Bush administration's original insistence that the DHS should be nonunion in order to ensure maximum flexibility and accountability."

So, once again we find clear and convincing evidence about the ways and means of the left-right, crony capitalistic police state. And, oh yes, at least a few of the new TSA employees would need to be equipped with submission devices such as Tasers. And let's not forget about the two-bit colleges that are pushing degrees in criminal justice. An expansion of the DHS is like manna from heaven.

In other news: Tim Geitner will be visitig northwest Arkansas this morning and the offices of NanoMech this afternoon.

Geithner Does Northwest Arkansas (And Calgary)

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The ruling class must like the idea of revolution.