Why the War Is Coming Home


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Buchanan apparently doesn't believe that all the events he referred to--The underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber --are black ops designed to inure the American public to random acts of terror committed by anonymous terrorists and not properly investigated by authorities.

What is the purpose of these 'spectacles'. To get us ready for the next false flag to spark off another war--against Iran.

There are no wars between nations. There are only 'government ops' that kill and destroy to inflame hatreds against their enemies. The wars are all for control. The government versus the people. Big Corporations versus the people. It is the elite versus everybody else, and the elite control the money and the media.

Buchanan is blind to this. But it's understandable. He's a politician. He's right. The war is coming home. But it isn't being brought home by foreigners. The enemy are the people who are 'authorities', not terrorists.