Why Vote?


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Voting is a coersion and there are but two choices. vote. Don't vote.

I am compelled to vote, first because I was taught it is a duty of citizens to vote, yet many don't and most becausedon't vote because it is inconvenient, and bothersome, and nothing ever changes when you vote. For some people voting does change things to the way they want, especially within the spectrum of social wind falls. Social wind falls are great for those who have nothing and don't want to do anything yet have everything they could hopefully dream of: education, food, housing, medical care, pocket change and etc. I recall one voter interviewed said "Obama's got the money and I want some of it. Hell yeh! I'M gonna vote for him. To my way of thinking this is the absolute wrong reason to vote. I vote because I hope that one day the vote will honestly matter (not in my life time).

Voting is voting against war, murder, rape and a sorted plethora of positive reasons to vote. I don't want to become trapped in a narrow minded persective for not voting. No man or woman I have ever voted for ever followed through on the promises they made and we all know they lie just so they can get elected and get the fabulous benefits that come from having served "The People"

There always exist the chance that some men and women will honestly attempt to follow through on the promises mad. As more and more come to this position, I hold out for hope (Not really sure what for though).

I am interested in seeing a nation grow into a nation of liberty for all. If I don't vote I only help to lessen the chance that we as a people and a nation can grow into a moral and virtious society of people, but I am not certain that being a moral and virtious people will resolve into what many hope for.

I am still wading my way through the mire of liberalism and anarchy. Willl I become one or the other, I have no idea, I only hope for a nation that will protect its people from illegal intruders, murders and etc . I might be wrong in my position, but I just do not believe that not voting is going to solve anything at all, not that voting is even going to solve anything. I exercise the right because I am forced to do so because I know if I don't, I have already voted and have no idea of what I am going to get.

Well. That's it.