Why Should Anyone 'Respect' the Law?


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As usual, the wrong question is presented. "The law" has nothing to do with anything. Voting at elections in support of Psychopathic monopoly is the culprit.

Psychopathic prosecutors have a case if they say they have a case -- no matter the law or the charge or the evidence. Grand juries are rubber stamps.

Theirs is a monopoly upon violence. The collectivist hordes called "Leviathan" make laws, enforce laws, prosecute laws, hire prosecutors, license "defense" attorneys, pay "judges", build jails, contract jails to private entities, employ and pay "wardens", employ and pay guards, employ and pay "parole officers" -- all with stolen resources and under penalty of contingent death for those who dare defend themselves against state agents' criminal aggression.

Good work if you can get it.