Why is Obama Still Personally Popular?


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I'm not sure that the fact that Obama is black is the main reason why many on the left are reluctant to criticize him, it is one of many.

I think it has more to do with the fact that he is from the Left, if there is a such thing as Left and Right today.

I compare Obama to Bush. Bush was also a failure as president. He enjoyed his most fervent support from White self-proclaimed Evangelical Christians. Even today, many of them sitll will not criticize him directly. Bush was seen as the culmination of years and years of fighting to bring a "christian" to the oval office. Plus Bush represented that "aw-shucks" and idolator of American Exceptionalism that is also very popular among white evangelicals. I see Sarah Palin as the next embodient of that mentality.

Black self-proclaimed evangelical christians are the most ardent supporters of Obama, they likely will be even if his presidency goes down in flames as Bush's did. Obama is a good father, represents american values and plays basketball. Since I am also black, I relate to alot of Obama's characteristics.

As long as America is awash in statism and socialism the emperor will always be well liked, maybe not adored, but well liked, no matter what.