Why is Everyone Ignoring Ron Paul?


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G'day Samarami,

Has anyone you happen to know seen this clip?

The first seven, or so, got it right, you are not supposed to even mention your opponent's name, thus making him non-existent, the last talking head from CNN, I believe, was merely an idiot.

If all else fails, try . . . Subversion
Definition: Preventing your opponent from getting a hearing.
Catch-phrase: Head 'em off at the pass.
...Gaining control of the media and pretending your opponent doesn’t exist....


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I emailed my kids the Jon Stewart article and clip yesterday. Theirs (and Stewart's) angst over the situation is, of course, part -- a very small part -- of the reason I would never "vote".

I would never vote because voting is a violent act. I would probably vote for Dr Paul if I were forced under penalty of death to participate in the bread and circus presentation called an "election". My vote be an attempt to coerce all those who want to be subservient to agents of state to submit to Ron Paul. And to me. Under threat of violence.

Under the circumstance I would need to believe that Ron Paul, if elected, could tame the beast of political authority. I don't.

It would also depend upon enough of "the electorate" joining me inaugurating him gang leader. They wouldn't.

But why would a sane individual get involved in this crazy making Jon Stewart so aptly pointed out? In a sense I admire Dr. Paul and my sons and daughters-in-law and grandchildren for plunging ahead in the eye of this lunacy. I would like to think they might succeed in being a major force in bringing about the collapse of state. I hope more Jon Stewarts come to see and have the cojones to report as he did the absurdity of the political frolic. If so expect to see riots and dissension sufficient to snarl the state into extinction sooner than we expect.

Be prepared, however, to whet your sovereignty skills in face of what will most certainly rise up to take the place of this beast called the state.

It won't be pretty, but we can survive in freedom.

Yes, we can.


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G'day Sam,

Words of wisdom, my friend.

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Because he has no chance whatever perhaps? He's in his late seventies and comes across to most people as a kook whenever he opens his yap. Just sayin'.

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"He...comes across to most people as a kook whenever he opens his yap..." ~ KenK

Your slip is showing, KenK. Spoken like a true collectivist. Just sayin'.

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Suverans2: Thanks for pointing out the absurdity of KenK, the troll.

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Isn't politics fun?

Of course the media can ignore Paul all they want to. It's their media after all. But there is going to be a cost in doing so. They are sacrificing what little credibility they have left.