Why Do So Many Condemn Historical Revisionism?


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I find the that most city-Statist (civilizationists) libertarians are also opposed to "historical revisionism."

Libertarian authors parrot the Hobbesian mythology of Non-State paleolithic life being "nasty, brutish, and short," just like all city-Statist apologists.

But hard-won archeological evidence and anthropological studies show that reality is pre-city-State life was "The Original Affluent Society." (Sahlins 1972)

The LIE: Ayn Rand: "Let your women take a look at a jungle female with her shriveled face and pendulous breasts, as she sits grinding meal in a bowl, hour after hour, century by century..."

The TRUTH: "Their work week is short enough to make us drool in envy."
Hunter Gatherers And The Golden Age Of Man
(nice summary, with great scholarly references)

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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” So, other than "repeating the same simple 'facts' over and over and over again", ad nauseam, what is your plan to get yourself back the the 'leisurely' life of the hunter-gathers?

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Who cares if I want to go back to a foraging lifestyle, or not? It's the truth of the matter that you're trying to avoid by insisting that I have to somehow "find a way" to live that lifestyle again.

Libertarians constantly apologize for the agricultural city-State (civilization) on debunked premises. In other words, you're factually wrong.

The question is, when will you admit that you're wrong?

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Rebuttal: I am not a "libertarian", and, to the best of my recollection, I have never claimed to be a "libertarian".

It appears, from your reply, that your whole goal here is to get your libertarian "friends" to admit that they are "wrong", which just, coincidentally, would mean, (at least in your mind), that you are "right". Feel free to factually rebut that presumption if it is wrong.

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Oh boy, more word games. Generally under the rubric of libertarianism falls objectivism, anarcho-capitalism, libertarianism, etc.

At any rate, the Hobbesian mythology parroted by objectivist, anarcho-capitalist, libertarian, etc. authors has been debunked by empirical evidence.

Now what city-Statist game will you play to avoid the facing the truth? I can't wait to see, but such games run quite the same across all city-Statist political schemes, whether its monocled Reason Foundation minarchists, Free-Republic Neo-Cons, or liberal Progressives.

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I was NOT playing word games with you; I fall under none of your "rubrics", as far as I can determine. But that aside, you seem to be the one who is playing "word games", agricultural city-Statist. Here's a word that I believe describes you to a "T". ;)

troll ▸ someone who deliberately sends a rude or annoying message to a discussion group on the Internet ~ Mamillan Dictionary

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Dodge and weave if you wish, the issue still stands -- how empirical evidence from archeology, anthropology, evolutionary biology, etc. completely refutes the city-Statist Hobessian mythology found throughout libertarian/ancap/what-have-you literature.