Why Atheists are More Intelligent Than the Religious


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From that same article, "Consistent with this reasoning, out of more than 1,500 distinct cultures throughout the world documented in The Encyclopedia of World Cultures, only 19 contain any reference to atheism. Not only do these 19 cultures exist far outside of our ancestral home in the African savanna, but all 19 of them without an exception are former Communist societies. There are no non-former-Communist cultures described in The Encyclopedia as containing any significant segment of atheists."

I have found, in my short 60+ years that the more government controlled education an individual has received, the more likely it is that he will believe that he is "more intelligent" and the more likely it is that he will be a proponent of "Communism" and "Atheism".

"The collectivists are eternal enemies of all religions, because they recognize that if people have a religious faith they have a loyalty to something other than the STATE, and collectivists do not like that, the STATE must be all. The state must be religion, the people must literally worship the state as their salvation, and some of the earlier writers, on this topic, have even said so in plain English, that collectivism must become the new religion of man." ~ G. Edward Griffin