Who Knew That Dr. Seuss Did Political Cartoons?


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One of my favorite dr s. is> Yertle the Turtle it tells the story of a turtle 'king' who has his subjects form a stack of turtles to serve as his throne. The turtles comply, first a stack of ten, then bigger, bigger and in classic Seuss style the stack grows to an alleged multiple hundreds allowing Yertle to be king of ever more things. Finally, however, one meager turtle, Mack, complains. He is at the bottom of the stack – he has been there the whole time, he is hungry, tired and imaginably uncomfortable. Yertle will not budge and instead calls for more turtles so he can be king over even the moon.

many lessons to take from this 'childrens' story.

1) authority is never satisfied and always seeks to expand.

2) the subjects usually obey until the tipping point.

3) even the smallest member can bring down the 'king'.

and more!


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Totally awesome comment. I'll be sharing those vital lessons via that story with my children this very evening. Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom.

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Sharon,So happy you approve, How did the children like the turtle story? Dr.Seuss is interseting subject that i have not taken the time to research.
He does have some wonderful subversive writings which i enjoy to no end! He also has statist, and in todays PC world racist stuff.I think he was payed/commissioned by the U.S.Gubbermint to write the cartoons, which he than used the money to get his writing career off the ground. I absolutely hate compromising my principals and when i do,i never seem to get over it.(totally sucks) If only everyone could live,never having to do that.What kind of world would that be i wonder? Anyway,i hope i helped.