White House: Mandates for the Unvaxxed Are Coming


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Yah but the federal govt can't mandate it for us. The states might try but even then they can't. Private sectors will be the most successful in making these mandates. Which is why more than likely although not all but mostly this is the mark of the beast, since if you can't buy or sell without it then yes that's what it is. I care less if you don't see hundreds of millions and billions dying all at once it is or will be. The full on Mark of the Beas though is already been doled out. Revelations where it says about the star who falls to earth and pollutes the water is Satan and the polluted water is God's word. The dead are already dead they're the walking dead. Unpolluted water is truth from his word but most anyone every where don't follow truth. What I mean is one such example is Romans 13. It didn't say to obey Govt it said to obey the higher liberty. The word for power in Romans 13 from the original Greek is Exousia not power.
if you follow the false teaching of Romans 13 you're following the Mark of the Beast.
Like mask wearing makes people look like Grasshoppers and demons as far as I'm concerned. Plus just under mask mandates some have not been able to buy or sell in some places. Stores will begin if not already stop you from even entering if you don't wear a mask and or have the vaccine.
The federal Govt can only mandate their own employees. State can only mandate so far as well, but by far it will be the private sector will be the most successful in this. stop protecting the private sector on being able to deny you your rights. The second amendment doesn't stop at the door!