Where Right-Libertarianism Goes Wrong


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While the author has a point, there is a very fine line to tread here.

"To put it (perhaps uncharitably), colour-blindness says that we should ignore race and hope that the problem of racism will simply go away, but sadly it won’t."

Actually, it largely will. The more people go on about race, the longer race will divide society. Anyway it won't be long before almost everybody is of mixed race, permanently solving the problem.

He also likes to accuse people of using "lip service". Is he the judge of how sincere others are?

People really should mind their own business...

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    "...People really should mind their own business..."

I think that's something I can buy.

Those who know me understand I try to avoid all the "ism"'s and "ist"'s when possible. Each "ism" seems to give rise to the need to manage and control the behaviors of others in one manner or another -- to "organize society".

I have no time for "left" or "right" or "across" or "hold" (seems I remember a card game that used those for pass-offs) "ism"'s. In fact, when I started on the web some ten years ago I began to compound a list of "ism"'s and "ist"'s. Here it is:

    Various Libertarian and
    Anarchist Labels

    • Acclarism
    • Agorism
    • Anagorism (http://anagory.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/antilibertarian-antistatism/
    • Anarchy
    • Anarcho-Capitalism (Mises/Rothbard)
    • Anarcho-communism
    • Anarcho-syndicalism
    • Antilibertarian antistatism (see “Anagorism”)
    • Anti-Positivism
    • Apriorism
    • Autarchism (Le Fevre)
    • Carsonian mutualism
    • Classical Liberalism
    • Collectivist anarchist
    • Communism
    • Consequentialism
    • Eco-agorism
    • Eco-Libertarianism
    • Eco-Socialist-Libertarian
    • Egoist anarchism (Max Stirner)
    • Establishment liberal left
    • Existentialism
    • Explicitly anarchist, pro-decentralist libertarians (Kinsella)
    • Free Market Anarchism
    • Free Market Capitalism http://www.lewrockwell.com/rothbard/rothbard146.html
    • Geoanarchism
    • Geoism
    • Geolibertarianism
    • Georgism
    • Green-Libertarianism
    • Individualism
    • Individualist anarchism
    • Individualist/collectivist anarchist Individualist/collectivist anarchism
    • Kantianism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immanuel_Kant)
    • Kratoclism http://www.marketmentat.com/i-think-i-maked-up-a-word-two-actually/
    • Kritarchy http://www.voluntaryist.com/backissues/135.pdf P 8
    • Left Libertarianism
    • Left-Rothbardians
    • Legal Positivism
    • Liberal socialism
    • Liberalism
    • Libertarian
    • Libertarian Anarchist
    • Libertarian Populism (James Ostrowski)
    • Libertarian Socialism
    • Libertarianism
    • Localism and decentralization
    • Logical Positivism
    • Market anarchism
    • Minarchism
    • Modal Libertarianism
    • Modern Liberalism
    • Moral consequentialism
    • Mutualism
    • Natural-rights libertarianism
    • Neo-liberalism
    • Neolibertarianism
    • Objectivism
    • Panarchism
    • Patrio-psychotic anarcho-materialism http://www.subgenius.com/
    • Plumbline Libertarianism
    • Polycentrism
    • Post-anarchism
    • Post-left anarchy
    • Post-modernism
    • Post-structuralism
    • Praxeology
    • Primitivist Anarchism
    • Progressive Libertarianism
    • Punkish/syndicalist/queer radical social anarchism (above two from Rad Geek site)
    • Queer anarchism (“sex workers?”)
    • Radical minarchists
    • Right Libertarianism
    • Rothbardian strain of market anarchism
    • Schmodal Libertarianism
    • Scientific Anarchism Social Darwinian right-wing economics
    • Socialism
    • Socialist Anarchism
    • Socialist-Libertarianism
    • syndicalism
    • Syndicalist Anarchism
    • Utilitarianism (Friedman’s strain of Anarcho-capitalism)
    • Utopian socialism
    • Voluntarism
    • Zenarchism

Seems the list is now approaching 100 -- and I'd guess some readers here could mention a few I've missed.

I eschew them all.