When Global Warming Cultists Can't Get Their Lies To Match Science


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I don't know much about global warming, well, in fact I know absolutely nothing about it, but for me I haven't noted anything significant that would convince me it is. I recall back in the 1970's a Time magazine warned of a global freezing. Problem is is who do you believe. I am guessing most members here have little or no knowledge about Global Warming. Then of course there were the sky is falling idea that the sun is burning out--that was somewhere in the 1950's. Oh! Yes. There are the meteorite's that are going to take us out. What is the real purpose for publishing this kind of stuff? And what is being achieved by lying about these things? There has to be a bigger objective here. A conspiracy?

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"And what is being achieved by lying about these things? There has to be a bigger objective here."

The objective is simple - WE must make do with less so that the ruling aristocracy can have more. Anyone who tells you otherwise either considers themselves to be part of the ruling elite or would gladly lick the elite's boots if they thought they could glean a choice crumb from their table.

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O.K. A. Magnus, I am lost. You obviously know something I don't. It would be impossible to disagree with the thought "...what is being achieved by lying..."--it's weird because I cannot conjure any benefit for distorting the truth about global warming, or freezing, or etc. The threat implied goes beyond the sales of air-conditioner, or a efficient heater. It has to be something great, huge, gigantic, like controlling the population but for the life of me I cannot see how it plays out that way, so, what is the objective, what are we going to "make do with less so ruling class can have more." More what? What am I going to have to make due with less of.

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The incentive is to introduce the carbon tax as well as create an industry (or prop it up since I think carbon credit trading already exists) where big business can trade credits for polluting. Carbon taxes really wouldn't (in practice) reduce emissions (if you buy enough credits). However that would create "government jobs" to manage the whole process as well as increase revenue due to punishing the non-compliant. Customers always "pay" taxes, fees, levies, judgements (even against businesses). That's how it could affect you.

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Mishochu! Wow! O.K. Well, someone knew the objective. Now that you mention it I vaguely recall such as "carbon tax", now it all makes sense, now I get to use my Charles Vane quote. I love this because I think this site is a most appropriate place for it. Here goes:
"These men who brought me here today, do not fear me. They brought me here today because they fear you and because they know that my voice, the voice that refuses to be enslaved, once lived in you and may yet still. They brought me here today to show you death and use it to frighten you into ignoring that voice. But know this. We are many. They are few. To face death is a choice (Look's over at Elinor Guthrie) And they can't hang us all. Get on with it mother fucker."
(Charles Vane hangs.)
How's that! I love it. I feel that every time I have to pay those fucking income taxes. Yea! So my retirement is government paid, I still gave my blood, sweat and tears over it and I am not going to fucking give it up. Besides, I had to pay into it as well. That's it--I think.

Thanks for the thought.