What You’ll See in the Rebellion


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**Fantasy plays out. Rebellion or revolution. I believed in revolution but this article gives a different slant, one I do not particularly like, but probably is more playable than a nice old fashioned revolution. The question is where will the Anarchist be, the libertarian and etc. There will be no niche to slither to, a choice is going to be made. You will lift up your arms and go, hoping for the best, or sit on the side to be struck down by one of the maurading groups. Which way do you perfer.
Right now its fun to sit here and argue points knowing that we could be closer to a rebellion. In reading the article I felt uncomfortable, given my age I am trapped into "stand my ground" and I am affraind that might not be long. Should it start will it come to an end or will we become like the other middle eastern countries, Should a rebellion occur I fear we are going to be...what? I thnk libertarians stand the better chance of survival for a nation only on the basis that the political system has incured them into their ranks. Since most of Americans are exceedingly sour over republican and democrate chances for a libertarian government stands the better odds of forming a new government. But who is the second party in this re-construction? Will there be three or four parties struggeling for control.
These are all conjectures with no factual basis. Right now the only thing in my mind is freedom from a group of idiots pretending they are better than me and if I fail to follow their stupid ideas I wil be fined and go to jail for the remainder of my days.
The biggest fear here is that there will be reminants of political powerhouses lingering around like lizards waiting to slither in to upset the whole system again only to be repeated 250 years from now. A new "Skull and cross bones". So. In view of the article, what does it all mean? It's a story that could happen and many people believe it will happen, considering all the preppers, or its just a story for speculation purposes.