What We Can Do


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  Well Done! Brilliant! i am going to use this next friday's edition. someone else may use it during the week as well but it needs repeating! day after day repeating...excellent..thank you for writing it. 

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Well thank you for liking it and choosing to run it in the feed!  I appreciate it!  :-)

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Serentiy, I agree that Eric Peter's article is an excellent statment of the problem. He's a very fine writer. But I don't agree that it qualifies as "brilliant" - because it completely fails to propose a solution.
"Until enough people’s minds are changed about coercion and collectivism, resistance is futile..." Yes, correct. So how, precisely, are people's minds going to be changed? What's his fix?
I have a solution, and it resides at http://tolfa.us/ - and Alex, whom you praise, has explicitly rejected that, while proposing no alternative except his "7-point plan" which, as I showed here, is no plan at all. So I'm unable to agree with your "well done."