What Needs to Change to Save the World


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Molyneux hits the nail on the head. He rightly shows how plain and simple the unworkability of the state is, by talking about how the sun is at the center of the solar system, not the Earth. Freedom is factual.

Furthermore, he rightly points out at least one of the three criteria for a true freedom revolution. Not only must it be peaceful and have the distinct lack of a charismatic leader, but as Molyneux says here, it "is up to you." It must be an individual revolution. Once you fully realize this, the revolution is won if it is won inside of you.

That is also plain and simple.

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I concur.

I'm fairly new to Molyneux and from what I can gather his work is outstanding. I purchased all of his books and I'm just about half-way through them. Highly recommended.

This video is an excellent piece to send to everyone you know.

Also Murphy over @ Mises.org is doing a five part presentation of property right (free society) that appears to be a good thing as well.

Hat tip to STR for everything. Please know that I'm grateful and spreading the word.