What is a Sovereign Citizen?


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This JJ McNab is obviously Forbes Magazine's controlled opposition mouthpiece.  To be sure, many Sovereign Citizen arguments are indeed bombast -- yet real truth seekers, such as Irwin Schiff, simply get lumped in with the mix in the name of dissuading fencesitters who still pay attention to the lamestream.  The good news is that this and other anti-government movements are growing.  The bad news is thsast all of this Patriot/Constitutionalist stuff is entirely unnecessary.
Every voluntaryist/anarchist/libertarian knows that NO government "law" has ANY legitimate force and effect -- not because of some constitutional proviso, or Supreme Court ruling, or section of the Uniform Commercial code, etc. -- but because of the simple fact that no one explicity and individually consented to being bound by the decisions arrogated by those calling themselves "government."  End of story, end of argument, case closed.