Was Hitler Really Anti-Gun Control?


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I responded:

The “Hitler wasn’t anti-gun” argument is pure nonsense. NO gun prohibitionist or gun controller, no matter how rabid, wants to get rid of all guns. They want guns, lots of guns; but only in “approved” hands. Hitler was in no way outside the norm for gun prohibitionists.

By the way, this argument also indicts the “we should keep guns out of felons’ hands” crowd (like NRA). Felons, terrorists, crazy people, what’s the difference? It’s all gun control AKA victim disarmament. Even a gang banger has the right to defend his life.

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"Even a gang banger has the right to defend his life." ~ Paul

You said, in an earlier discussion, "we have no rights". I guess "we" doesn't include gang bangers.

A member of a street gang can, and may certainly try, to defend his life, but if he is attempting to kill another human being who is not attempting to cause harm, he has forfeited[1] his "right to defend his life", which is why no rational man, or woman, would hold anyone in the wrong for "stopping" him...permanently.

[1] FOR'FEITURE, n. ...the losing of some right...by an offense... ~ Webster's 1828 Dictionary

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No one is ignorant enough to believe that once an individual enters a gang that the new member will, at some very near date, be required to kill someone to show he's go stones.

Paul. Are you up for giving every criminal that walks out of prison the right to go and purchase a firearm? It sounds as if you are. This is where my theseis coming up draws in Necessity and freedom. And being a soveriegn does not preclued one from the necessitys of freedom.

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Don't be too sure, Glock27, it would seem that ignorance knows no bounds.

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Greetings Suverans2,
Granted, but that is a platitude! Can we use platitudes as truth or rather fact?
I can not figure out whether you are trying to trip me up or playing around with me. If I am not mistaken it has been mentioned many times on this site that once a person screws up according to the laws of the society he or she is fundamentally shuned and the only hope he has is to luckily find another place that will accept him. He could become an outcast forever.
It also seems as if I am fitting that bill also.

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G'day Glock27,

A "Platitude is a remark in speech or writing that is overused and has no originality". What does "originality" have to do with whether or not something is true, or factual?

And, why do you always think you are under attack here? I've seen no hard evidence of that, especially from me.

My comment was NOT directed at you, but if you wish to believe that "[you] are fitting that bill also", that is most certainly your prerogative to do so.

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So I can not use platitude here?

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My friend, you CAN use any word you like, I'm not trying to stop you.

You asked: "Can we use platitudes as truth or rather fact?"

My answer to your question is, yes, we can use platitudes as truth or rather fact, at least some of them, we can.

My point was, just because a phrase is a "platitude", i.e. "overused and has no originality", does not mean that it's not true, or that it is not factual.

For clarity, allow me to ask you a question.

Which is a "true" and "factual" statement: "Ignorance knows no bounds" [has no limits], or, "ignorance knows bounds" [has limits]? The first is a "platitude", the second is not a "platitude". You be the judge; "Can we use [that platitude] as truth or rather fact?"

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WELL platitudes are like platapuses. Plenty around yet, some old and dusty, a penny saved is a penny earned, the early bird gets the worm. What's that really mean? I have saved pennys all my life and it has gotten me no where, except a time or two when I found one to plop into a parking meter (remember those) but I sure didn't earn it. And I am not about to get up early to get early in the morning to get a f*****g worm either. Best time to get worms is when it starts raining and it is night time. But no "Ignorance knows no bounds" that's not ignorance that stupidity;)))).

Platitudes are weak with no strength to them. They are things that should be forgotten and for the most part have been. Now I don't know why but I have had professors to be adamat about using platitudes in any hand in work--guess mybe they wanted originality I don't know I wasn't in their beeping minds and I never asked, I just did like I was told when I was in the military.

And now for the apology? Yes I asked the question and you answered it and I had to be stupid and respond when my objective is to make observations and ask questions. And I think I owe you a point of appreciation for pointing out my faults. If I had someone to do this for me years ago I would'nt be in the fix I am in today.
Thanks for all your hard work.

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Has anyone ever noticed that Hitler got most of his ideas from the land of the free?

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Also are you seriously desiring to place a firearm into the hands of a felon who has committed murder. I am getting a taint of re-arranging non-aggression, another questions that is beginning to bother me, but I have more reading to do before I go there. At this point I have to say it is folly to do so.

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    Also are you seriously desiring to place a firearm into the hands of a felon who has committed murder.

Am I to interpret this question as impugning a statement: If the white man does NOT enact gun control laws he is "...placing a firearm into the hands of a felon..."