War on Film


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Larison's comments were interesting but I found even moreso the comments section. As to the comments (negative) concerning the History Channel, I agree that many presentations are done from a bias POV and the background of the question who (?) is left to the viewer to determine and most people don't. Depending on their own bias, they accept or reject the ideas presented and that's just our human nature. At the same time, the History Channel does throw out ideas (sometimes) that provoke thought and to challenge the status quo and that to me is what's healthy and needed. Yesterday STR ran a story on the CIA, LSD and NY Subway system and ironically the History Channel ran (for the uppteenth time) "Secrets of the CIA". Now someone sees that on the history channel, provokes thought and an internet search and pooof, they discover STR. OK, I'll revealing my own bias here but you get the point.

Provoking thought and the need for further individual study into a subject is an awefully needed thing these days and I welcome it from wherever it comes. Resisting my own personal bias, I wanted to ask some in the comments section if instead of the History Channel, would they recommend FoxNews or reality TV on the Fox Channel instead!

The more I see of TV these days the more I feel intellectually insulted and appreciate the qualities of old Looney Tune cartoons as being more mentally stimulating. More often than not, I enter a room with the TV on and in about 2 minutes I feel the urge to stand up, look at the TV and shout,
"aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh SSHHAADDUUPPP!"

I love Foghorn Leghorn (another bias of mine)