Violence in the American West


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This is a very important article. A great way to see through the propaganda you have been fed all your life!

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Absolutely agree Paul. The beauty of Dr. DiLorenzo's piece is IMO the timing with Avatar. So many young people especially connected to this movie as it is this generation's Star Warz IMO. The conflict between free native peoples going up against a ruthless corp. entity with a covert (subliminal) connection to the State will natural ring a bell with anyone who loved the Navi story of Avatar who also happens to read this piece by DiLorenzo.

If I also understand correctly, it is Dr. DiLorenzo's intent to make this subject matter into a book that hopefully will come out ASAP. In the movie JFK, the Mr. X character told the Garrison character that in an executive order lay the Vietnam war. I think DiLorenzo will clearly show that in the war to relocate and/or exterminate the American Native Indian, lay all wars, global conflicts, millions dead and the utter despotism and tyranny this planet has been assaulted with. What we Americans did to the native peoples, our Europeans cousins did to the native peoples of Africa and Asia. It's sadly a very old story that we failed to correct but Dr. DiLorenzo appears to be taking a wrecking ball to that system and I for one plan on helping him swing it!

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Also my deep appreciation to Anthony Gregory for making sure DiLorenzo's piece made it to Strike the Root.

You da man Anthony!