Video: How The U.S. Criminal “Just Us” System Works (In One Minute)


Samarami's picture

I didn't expend the minute to watch the video. Didn't need to. When all participants of a "system" are psychopathic, feeding from the same nose-bag, free from competition -- and are allowed (by your neighbors and friends -- hopefully not you) to

    • Make the laws,

    • Enforce the laws,

    • Prosecute the laws,

    • Hire the prosecutors,

    • License the “defense” attorneys,

    • Pay the “judges”,

    • Build the jails,

    • Contract jails out to private entities,

    • Employ and pay the wardens,

    • Employ and pay the guards,

    • Employ and pay the parole officers,

One can't honestly call it a "justice" system. It's a system of abject tyranny.

Abstain from beans, my dear friends. For the sake of justice. Sam