Using Military Weapons on Americans: 20th Anniversary of Federal Attack at Waco


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Some of you here have been listening to me whistle Dixie; I think this fellow ismaking the point, The slight difference I believe old what-s his face was having multiple wives and sex was ramapnt at the compound. Despite the fact that locals may refuse to help the FBI Homeland Security and the TSA and whoever else is not going to prove to be a large benefit unless they can arrest the commanding officers first. Michigan is working on Legislation to make NADD Illegale here in the state so that now brings the total to 4 states standing rank against the Federal Maggot.

It's almost like when Hamalton gave in and personally wrote more than 10 amendments to the Constitution but by the time they got to the senate it was whittled down to 10. As I read that it appeared then that the only thing the legislatures cared about was revenue for the maggot.

Hiding guns in the ground as to where you can't access then does not work when you need it right now. Hiding some may be o.k. because if confiscation comes you will have something somewhere.

From the top down, bottom up inside out. Government pressures us from the top making some of us madder than hell and we push back, exactly what we are doing now. Next will be aggitators like the occupiers to stir things up into civil unrest, then the government maggot molly pollies in and we are in chains