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Destroy the EXCLAVE


The passive slave mentality of the Americans remains in the 21st century.
Can you afford to forget any experience, even the most painful?
There is less and less  outrage, one could call it a repast served slowly and with design.
History is nothing more than a long regret.
'Tis just a change of men in power and nothing more.
The evil remains.
If you give any reason for refusing to do what must be done, you shall be laying nothing more than a foundation for the future.
It shall offer not the way out, but the way in.
As your children grow older and they look you in the eye, can you answer them when they ask why?
Is not the first duty of society a preservation of society itself?


(Pro 29:12)  If a ruler hearken to lying words, all his servants are wicked.
This is often overlooked or forgotten?
Shall one just sit back and let the POTENTATES have thy way with thee?
Majority seem to INFER so.
Once again I ask thee, Should society cull those that follow the wickedness of eugenics?
Shall one just talk and accomplish nothing?
Shall you take the risk and place YOUR children in the same situation as in the past?
Shall YOU allow them to undergo tyranny at a greater level?
Are you not responsible as a parent to insure the safety and welfare of your OFFSPRING?
Jawn, so what has been typed?
Why would one want ------- to keep term ------?
Nolde things be better without?
Be gladsome to lunt the sedulous.
In other words, strike the root.
Why the plunderbund?
One should loathe the english semifable system.
There is never an alternative with the system.
Regenesis out of a decrepit thorny stem.
How pubble.
Hear the ruff?
Such a ladrone, don't you understand?
Sigh, how sad for the Fohists.



And the girls sing diamonds are a girls best friend.
Now the boys:: Altern my little gem.
The only thing of worth to any government.
Down the brae we go.
The consimility?
Shall you consign?
The degorder?
How gangrenescent.
They keep saying it is just another hillock.
Care to intreasure?



Economics concerns itself only with the best means of attaining given ends, it can not prescribe the ends themselves?

After distribution has been determined correctly, according to society's fundamental scientific value judgements.
Jawn, just a warning that value judgments that go beyond technical economics are involved in conclusion.
Jawn, only -- unreasonable -- restraints of trade.
Only interlocking directorates and monopolies.

The facts never tell their own story?


Do parents care about their offspring?
What type of parent would allow the future generations to be placed under bondage by the fed reserve?
What a funny question.
Sigh, 'tis one that no one cares to answer.
How many generations have asked the same question?
I take it that the parent has allowed the generations a tradition of slavery.
It must be the American way.
How marcid it has become.
There is nothing like orthodromy.