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Alexander "Ace" Baker is a Film and TV composer currently working on a libertarian rock-opera. Formally educated in music, he is self-taught in the Austrian school of economic science. He lives in Valencia , California with his wife and two kids.


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Columns by Alexander Baker

Enron: Bad Business, Worse Government
Alexander Baker 2004-06-03 23:00
With the recent release of the soon-to-be-infamous 'Enron Trader Tapes,' media pundits are once again propagating the myth that big business is evil and must be reined in by (still more) government regulation. A closer look at the facts should make it clear that the gouging of California energy customers and taxpayers was orchestrated by government, for government, and that shenanigans like those...
The Origin of Money (And How It Was Stolen from You)
Alexander Baker 2004-05-16 23:00
Money. Everybody wants it, and you can always use more. But what is money? Where does it come from? Is it really the 'root of all evil' as the Bible and Pink Floyd have said? Do we really need it? How did we all come to value little slips of paper with portraits of dead presidents on them? Why can't they just give everybody a million dollars and make us all rich? And why is any of this important...
The Fed Is Lifeblood to the Root of Evil
Alexander Baker 2004-05-05 23:00
Central banking is perhaps the most brilliant scam ever perpetrated, and the U.S. Federal Reserve stands as the most successful of all central banks in history. The Fed is able to transfer wealth away from the people who earned it, and into the hands of the Federal Government and member banks, relentlessly, stealthily, year after year, and all the while maintaining the preposterous claim of...