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Columns by Thomas Wheeler

Eminem Joins the ABB Mosh Pit
Thomas Wheeler 2004-10-28 16:00
The Anybody But Bush (ABB) movement has a new recruiter. Rapper Eminem has released a new video 'Mosh' that urges America's disaffected youth to do their civic duty to remove Bush by engaging in the revolutionary act of voting. Directed by Ian Inaba of the Guerrilla News Network website, the anti-Bush video has all the accoutrements of rebel chic and revolutionary images that are...
National Guard Bush vs. Swift Boat Kerry
Thomas Wheeler 2004-09-30 16:00
The mainstream media, political pundits and a bevy of Democratic and Republican flacks have focused considerable attention debating the merits of George Bush's service in the National Guard and John Kerry's service in the military in Vietnam. The level of intense scrutiny over events that happened more than three decades ago has become one of the main issues in this farcical election campaign....
Bill O"Reilly"s Final Solution
Thomas Wheeler 2004-06-21 16:00
There he goes again. Here's what Bill O'Reilly had to say on his June 17 broadcast of The Radio Factor: O'REILLY: Because look . . . when two percent of the population feels that you're doing them a favor, just forget it, you're not going to win. You're not going to win. And I don't have any respect by and large for the Iraqi people at all. I have no respect for them. I think that they're a...
Some People Push Back
Thomas Wheeler 2004-04-15 00:00
'Your sons have killed our fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. Your sons have stolen, pillaged, raped, polluted the earth and the water, and burnt the fields. In fact, dear sisters, your sons are the real barbarians, the murderers, and criminals. Therefore, please don't blame us for hating them.' ' Letter from an Iraqi Mother In April 2003, the United States was celebrating a '...