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weebies lives on earth, third planet from the sun. The inhabitants of Earth hold superstitious beliefs concerning the gods of state, and even offer them blood sacrifice. weebies is trying to help his fellow citizens see that the state is an obsolete unnecessary evil, that the free market and freedom are all they truly need.


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Fascism, State Capitalism and Outsourcing
Weebies 2005-04-24 15:00
Fascism is a type of state socialistic government. The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition is: 'a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.'...
Why the U.S. Attacked Iraq
Weebies 2005-04-13 15:00
There have been many 'official' justifications for why the US attacked Iraq . Some of these include: Saddam had WMDs and was a direct threat to the US and the world, Saddam was involved with 9/11 and needed to be brought to justice, Saddam supported and funded worldwide terrorism in the form of Al-Qaeda and OBL, and Saddam was a brutal dictator whose regime condoned torture and rape.
Loony Libertarianism
Weebies 2005-03-30 15:00
My last article, The Free Market Case Against Abortion, has caused quite a stir at STR. People's reaction after reading that article ranged from vehemently for it to vehemently against it, with the usual group of who cares thrown in. Whether people agreed or disagreed, I don't think they really understood the basis of the article.
The Free Market Case Against Abortion
Weebies 2005-03-20 16:00
Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in America and the world. Abortion is defined as: 'the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus.' There are three camps that most people fall into ' pro-abortion, usually called pro-choice, anti-abortion, usually called pro-life, and those who are undecided.
An Anarchist's Proposal for Limited Constitutional Government -- Minarchy vs. Anarchy
Weebies 2005-03-07 16:00
The nine voodoo witch doctors in black robes, otherwise known as the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), have undertaken upon themselves to rule on the constitutional validity of representations of the Ten Commandments on public (state) property. If past history is any guide, we can depend on the Supremes to cut off the heads of chickens, view the entrails, and maybe consult an Ouija...
An Anarchist's Proposal for Limited Constitutional Government -- Minarchy vs. Anarchy
Weebies 2005-03-02 16:00
Minarchists believe in a minimal state, with the state limited to a small, well-defined, core set of functions. Most minarchists believe in limited constitutional government, though this is not an absolute requirement for minarchy. Many minarchists extol the virtues of the US Constitution, and view the early years of the US government under the Constitution as the golden age of minarchy.
Weebies 2005-02-16 16:00
We hear a lot about democracy today. Most politicians and their statist sycophants pontificate about the benefits of democracy. On the other end of the spectrum, many free market anarchists rail against the evils of democracy. What is the truth about democracy, which some love and claim to be the salvation of civilization, and others love to hate, and claim to be a curse of mankind? Has the...
Weebies 2005-02-07 00:00
Patriotism is defined as 'love for or devotion to one's country.' Almost invariably this is taken as being a good characteristic for a person to possess. There are very few who question the wisdom of patriotism, whether it should exists at all, and if it should exist, in what manner or form. The state is the biggest promoter of patriotism. Politicians love to make patriotic speeches, exhort...
Defying Terrorism
Weebies 2005-01-27 16:00
George 'Bring 'Em On' Bush has issued an interesting challenge to Iraqis to 'Defy'terrorists.' Little in the vacuous mind of Bush does he realize that just as Iraqi freedom fighters rose to his taunt of bring them on, so too Iraqis are defying terrorists ' the ones George Bush and his US Empire of terrorism have brought to Iraq.
Bush the Best President
Weebies 2005-01-20 16:00
After a great deal of feverish cogitation (or is that massive indigestion?), I have recently come to the conclusion that Bush is the best president ever. For those who say this can only be the thoughts of a raving irrational lunatic (which I get called regularly for being an anarchist), I will show that Bush is the best representative of democracy, the common people, and the best hope for anarchy...
State Capitalism
Weebies 2005-01-12 16:00
Religion is always a volatile topic among humans. Because of the diversity and disparity of beliefs, this often leads to very heated debates on which religion is right. These impassioned arguments even occur among freedom lovers, with many defamatory articles being written and much vitriolic opinion shared about what religion those who hate the state should refrain from. This blanket condemnation...
State Capitalism
Weebies 2005-01-03 16:00
State capitalism is a popular term to denote the state's encroachment on free market capitalism.
My Nominations for the 2004 STR Awards
Weebies 2004-12-16 16:00
Root Striker of the Year I'm a newbie to STR and haven't read most of the articles posted on STR by Strikers in 2004. These three stood out in my mind while I have been a regular at STR, but I'm sure I missed some as equally deserving. 1) Anthony Gregory (archive) ' Young man who is a prolific writer and always focuses on issues from a freedom perspective. Not only writes for STR but also...
Individualism, Individual Responsibility and Freedom
Weebies 2004-12-12 16:00
Individualism is the principle that the individual is sovereign in his life and actions. Individualism acknowledges that each person is best able to determine the affairs of his or her life. The free market, with its voluntary cooperation between individuals, acknowledges this fact. Individualists demand that people not be treated as some faceless cog in a machine, that people shouldn't be forced...
Egalitarianism: The Holy Grail of Socialism
Weebies 2004-11-30 16:00
Egalitarianism is 'a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic rights and privileges' and 'a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people.' 'Egalitarianism is the moral doctrine that equality ought to prevail among some group along some dimension.' The main concern with those who advocate egalitarianism is equality of results,...
Free Market Anarchism
Weebies 2004-11-17 16:00
Many people have a much distorted view of what anarchism is. Most people wrongly associate anarchy with lawlessness, disorder, and chaos. Surprisingly, many who claim to favor anarchism seem to have little concept of its basic principles. This article will give a basic overview of anarchism, what it is and what it is not, and how the free market is a vital mechanism to any implementation of...
The Enemy Is the State
Weebies 2004-11-10 16:00
The quadrennial farce known as the US presidential election has come and gone again. While many people, both in the US and the international community, are moaning the results of the selection of Bush over Kerry, people who are truly anti-state, anti-war, and pro-market realize there was no difference in either selection. Whenever there are elections, the state always wins--people who value...
What Does "Support the Troops" Mean?
Weebies 2004-09-12 15:00
In light of the fact that over 1,000 US troops have been sacrificed to the god of state, it is time to again ask what does 'support the troops' mean. Does 'support the troops' mean 100% unconditional support? The warmongers who sacrifice the blood of others to advance their criminal activities want all people to accept this view. Should people who oppose the state give any support to the troops...
Liberal vs. Conservative from a Free Market/Freedom Perspective
Weebies 2004-09-07 23:00
I think many people are confused by the liberal/conservative label. Most people think that liberals/conservatives have to be 100% diametrically opposed to each other and they are mutually exclusive. This does not have to be the case. Ron Paul is an example of someone who can be both, an original liberal and an original conservative. I have included a graph and supplied definitions for terms in...