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Sean Turner is a member of the Project 21 Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research, a regular columnist for,,, and a contributor to a number of news and political websites.  His commentary has also appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Washington Times. 



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Columns by Sean Turner

Up in Smoke
Sean Turner 2004-04-27 16:00
Suppose you are a restaurant owner. And in your restaurant, the majority of the food on your menu is high in fat, salt, sugar, calories, and a host of other things that are typically associated with a bad eating habits, obesity, and poor health related to a poor diet. Such a restaurant is not unlike many 'soul food' or 'fast food' restaurants here in the United States . Then one day, the state...
Homosexuals Destroying Marriage?
Sean Turner 2004-02-17 17:00
Nothing bothers me more than seemingly intelligent (and not so intelligent) people making specious arguments in defense of their beliefs, in the guise of some 'empirical truth.' Case in point ' the so-called 'debate' over same-sex marriages. Since the Massachusetts Supreme Court took up the issue last year, same-sex marriages have eclipsed all other news items ' save the Democrat primary '...
Marriage and the State: Part II
Sean Turner 2003-12-08 17:00
In part one, I concluded with the opinion that the state (read the government at every level) should abstain from involvement in private agreements ' including marriage. Predictably, this struck a nerve with many conservative readers of the article, since the idea of 'gay marriages' is inimical to many conservatives' deeply held beliefs regarding marriages and lifestyle choices. Nevertheless,...
Marriage and the State
Sean Turner 2003-12-01 17:00
The recent 4-3 ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriages has fueled emotions on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. According to the ruling, written by Chief Justice Margaret M. Marshall, "It cannot be rational under our laws and, indeed it is not permitted, to penalize children by depriving them of State benefits because the State disapproves of their parents...