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Welcome the Immigrants
Bolivar 2005-01-20 17:00
I'm not sure at what point in American history we decided that the Anglo-Saxon culture and its fascination with aristocrats, old money and lawyer worship must become the de facto culture of the Union . With books like Patrick J. Buchanan's Death of the West came a long train of pundits and authors who bemoan what they see as the sad loss of Americana and the influx of immigrants and new blood.
Lost, Lost
Bolivar 2004-12-13 17:00
Seventeen million Americans tuned in last week to one of television's surprise hits this season: 'Lost.' Many millions more sat in their living rooms feeding off the propaganda of the State, thinking, 'I was once was Lost but now am found,' worshipping at the high altar of Bush and ingesting a gospel of violence and bloodshed. Among the 'Lost' fans, I sat glued to the TV, spinning my mind on...
Reagan Was Just a Man
Bolivar 2004-07-01 16:00
Now that the storms have calmed down ' the pandering of the media and the fawning of a great president by his people ' we can safely and without enmity criticize the man who led our country for nearly a decade. Or am I delusional for thinking it's really safe to criticize our leaders when we have worshiped and revered them to no end? If we want to gauge the direction and ideals of our country,...
Abu Ghraib of Our Dreams
Bolivar 2004-06-02 16:00
I dreamt of Abu Ghraib and the house of horrors committed by our armed forces. I saw in the night those barbarous acts under the direction of our commander-in-chief. I considered the responsibility of the White House for such grotesque acts because I remember that a commander is responsible for the actions of his troops. Far from being a singular act of violence and humiliation, I see nothing but...
My Day in Court
Bolivar 2004-03-14 17:00
If only Thomas Jefferson could see me now. If only he could savor the sweet fruits of his prophetical and misunderstood insight into the horrors of majority rule! How right he was that the will of the majority must be reasonable. But not just reasonable--also ethical, moral, above reproach and unwilling to trample on the sacred rights of fellow men. But how gullible are we to think we can entrust...
9-11: Enigmas and Illusions of the State
Bolivar 2004-03-09 17:00
The State will always do what is in its own best interest at the expense and blood of the people. This was true during the horrid Crusades, the Roman bloodshed in Germania and Britannia and the Dark Age Inquisition. Unsurprisingly, this practice still remains with us today in times of low-grade nukes, cluster bombs and non-precision air bombings. Everyone who resents the State and the rearing of...
Government Education Is Evil, Period
Bolivar 2004-02-22 17:00
"If you give the bureaucrats the children, you might as well give them everything else as well." ~ J. Gresham Machem, Princeton Theological Seminary, "Testimony before the House & Senate Committees on the Proposed Department of Education (1926)" Government Education - The last great hope for conservatives and liberals who want to indoctrinate and shape tomorrow's future at the expense and...
Is America Just Like China?
Bolivar 2004-02-08 17:00
When I last browsed the U.S. Constitution in my law school textbooks, I didn't see any mention of a tyrannical form of government, a pervasive crackdown on houses of worship or the establishment of the government as an idol. But then again when was the last time any politician or greedy voter bothered to look at the Constitution or its superior predecessor: the Articles of Confederation? We...