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What Does It Mean to Be a Radical?
SARTRE 2005-11-16 17:00
The meaning of language is often misunderstood, but the confusion that comes out of the pure ignorance for disregarding history, is boundless. From Wikipedia: the term Radical (latin radix meaning root) has been used since the late 18th century as a label in political science for those favouring or trying to produce thoroughgoing or extreme political reforms which can include changes to the...
The Meaning of Independence Day
SARTRE 2005-07-07 16:00
The Fourth of July is a holiday that most Americans celebrate for various reasons. The festivity may involve family, friends or public gatherings. Popular culture would have you believe that the gala is a birthday party for the country. Flags wave, bands march and bystanders cheer. The parades are pageants, visible spectacles for all to applaud and enjoy. After the confetti blows away, what is...
I Love DC
SARTRE 2005-02-09 17:00
The career of a politician mainly consists in making one part of the nation do what it does not want to do, in order to please and satisfy the other part of the nation. It is the prolonged sacrifice of the rights of some persons at the bidding and for the satisfaction of other persons.
Homeland Security by the Colors
SARTRE 2005-01-13 17:00
Tom Ridge will be remembered as the man behind the colors. Now, the post will be filled by a man who plays the game by the numbers. Here comes the judge! Michael Chertoff comes highly recommended, unless you ask for a reference from Hillary Clinton. So just who is this guy?
Nowhere to Go and Nowhere to Hide
SARTRE 2004-02-02 17:00
The European Satellite Navigation System GALILEO will be the next generation GPS--Global Position System--and a separate tracking technology that will usher in total planetary surveillance. This program is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA). As stressed in the European Commission White Paper on European transport policy for 2010, the European Union...
Sedition a Normal Practice for the Authorities
SARTRE 2003-03-27 17:00
Politics, as hopeful men practice it in the world, consists mainly of the delusion that a change in form is a change in substance. The American colonists, when they got rid of the Potsdam tyrant, believed fondly that they were getting rid of oppressive taxes forever and setting up complete liberty. They found almost instantly that taxes were higher than ever, and before many years they were...