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Mark Reynolds
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Mark Reynolds is a retired plumber and website developer residing with his wife of 37 years and his four grown sons  in the place most folks call Arkansas. Reading the books Letters to Jessica, a Child’s Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit  and The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine were  major turning points in his life.


As an agent of the most high, I have come here to establish Justice and I shall not leave until JUSTICE REIGNS ETERNAL.


Cycling, Cycling, Cycling, Liberty, freedom, targt shooting, custom handloading, reading, movies, Science fiction. And did I say CYCLING?


Columns by Mark Reynolds

Government' Is PEOPLE!
Mark Reynolds 2005-05-15 16:00
Do you remember, years ago, watching the movie "Soylent Green" with Charlton Heston? Heston, playing the part of Detective Robert Thorn, finds out that the food the people in the central government have been feeding the masses is made out of the dead that have been killed by the people in the central government. At the end of the movie he yells, "SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!" I...
If This Box Fails...
Mark Reynolds 2005-02-15 17:00
A number of years ago, I came into a new understanding which I had never realized. Of course, being a product of the gooberment school system, it only stands to reason that I would not have learned of this particular power that the people have, to help, if not completely rein in out-of-control government agents. Thank goodness for alternative education and the efforts of men like Red Beckmen to...
Have 'They' Totally Lost It?
Mark Reynolds 2005-01-30 17:00
DANGER, DANGER . . . felonious doodlers are in our midst! DIAL 911! Call in the HOMELAND SECURITY SWAT TEAMS! I need to feel PROTECTED. Ban all pencils and paper! We can't have this in our society. A society with PENCILS is a DANGEROUS society! I was just treated to a picture and blurb at SF Gate about two boys, ages 9 and 10, who were hauled out of their classroom by the brave men (or women...
Fallen Flowers
Mark Reynolds 2005-01-25 17:00
There on a misty morning, the sun slowly rised After the Battle at Halidon Hill There lies her youngest son, tears in his eyes Wounded and dying she hears him still Ma, if I could live my life again If I could call the world my friend If I could write the story's end (I would) I would give all these things in vain To feel you hold me once again A smile comes to his face An uneasy calm In...
A Dirty Little Secret About Federal Taxes
Mark Reynolds 2005-01-09 17:00
The other day I read an article about a woman who is refusing to pay Federal income taxes because the taxes are being used to buy weapons to kill innocent people in Iraq. Almost every day we read something about how our 'taxes' are being used for some idiotic or immoral act. We have all heard about the $500 hammers that the government has paid for with your taxes. We have heard about all...
Sending Insane Signals
Mark Reynolds 2004-12-20 17:00
While a search is being performed because of something missing from the teacher's desk, a young 10 year old is arrested for having possession of scissors. Children are being suspended from public schools on a daily basis for fighting. It doesn't matter who started the fight; both the victim and the perpetrator are suspended. A seven year old boy is suspended in the Los Angeles School district...
Mark Reynolds 2004-12-09 01:00
Once upon a time there was this little cow. He wanted to tell you how great it is to live in the 'United' States. So this is his story . . . . I was born a few years ago and here is how it went. My owner, a rancher named Uncle Scam, made sure that I was branded close to birth. I have a big, rectangular-shaped brand that is on my hind quarters with stripes on it. Looks sort of like a flag of the...
Living Lies
Mark Reynolds 2004-11-11 17:00
Think of this concept: If I can control the meanings of your language, I can control your thoughts, and if I can control your thoughts, I can turn you into a slave. Has this happened? Have we almost to a man become a nation of slaves rather than the home of the brave? Well, let's start with checking out what you "think" a particular word means. First let's take a multiple choice test. Let me...
And the Winner Is....
Mark Reynolds 2004-11-09 17:00
I bet you expect me to write that George Bush is the winner. WRONG, folks! The winner is the Skull & Bones society, Big Brother, the state god, the war party, death merchants, more governmental control, lies, deceit, terrorism, death, destruction, the big corporations, the oil companies, Leviathan and that is just a short list to name a FEW of the winners this election. And the losers are...
Slave Nation - 101
Mark Reynolds 2004-11-01 17:00
Isn't it grand? We live with the means to throw off our oppressors and yet we do nothing at all to stop their march towards the obvious conclusion of national destruction. Think about it . . . WHY did the Founding Fathers insist on iterating the right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights? If you read their writings, they left us this avenue as the means to throw...
We"d Better Close the Window . . . I Feel a Draft
Mark Reynolds 2004-10-20 16:00
Our eighteen year old just wants to try to live at peace with all men. So he went down to the State Highway Patrol and took a test for a learner's permit to "drive." I know, a little later than most boys, but he waited because I couldn't see footing a larger insurance bill just so he could joy ride around town. The State Highway Patrol was willing to give him his learner's permit without any "...
CHAOS . . . The State of the State
Mark Reynolds 2004-10-10 16:00
First, let us start with the understanding of what the definition of chaos is according to the World Book Dictionary - Chaos: 1a. Very great confusion; complete disorder. And according to my Word Web dictionary, chaos is a state of extreme confusion and disorder. After reading Bob Johnson's recent article Kneeling in the Grass, I started thinking about chaos as we can see it in action, right...
Do You Want Peace? Then Work for Justice
Mark Reynolds 2004-10-06 16:00
Recently I was traveling down the highways and noticed a bumper sticker that had a profound message on it: "If you want peace . . . then work for justice." And how true it is! Think about it. WHY would anyone strap a bomb on themselves and go and blow up a bunch of people that they don't even know? Does it take a major in rocket science to figure this out? Think about the old adage,...