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Big Brother Inc. Tries to Fool Randi Rhodes
Greg Palast 2006-05-17 16:00
I smell mendacity! The sticky-sweet Atlanta drawl of the PR flack for America's private KGB was dancing in rhetorical circles with Randi Rhodes, Air American, on her broadcast yesterday. Unfortunately for the Bush-friendly Spies-R-Us contractor, Randi also has a keen nose for the telltale scent of pure bullshit. By "private KGB," I mean ChoicePoint, Inc., the Atlanta company that keeps over 16...
The Spies Who Shag Us
Greg Palast 2006-05-15 16:00
I know you're shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that George Bush is listening in on all your phone calls. Without a warrant. That's nothing. And it's not news. This is: the snooping into your phone bill is just the snout of the pig of a strange, lucrative link-up between the Administration's Homeland Security spy network and private companies operating beyond the reach of the laws meant to protect us...
The Real LTC Burkett in His Own Words to BBC TV
Greg Palast 2004-10-05 16:00
When Dan Rather went down for airing a document he couldn't source, he did the courageous thing: blamed someone else. In this case, Rather and CBS loaded their corporate guilt on a guy you've probably never heard of before, rancher Bill Burkett of Abilene, a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Texas Air National Guard. CBS did a no-no -- used a...
Mr. Tall and Mr. Small
Greg Palast 2004-10-03 16:00
Our President told the debate audience, "You cannot lead if you send mexxed missiges." I certainly hope not. But that's exactly what we got. You watch our President, the nervous hand-hiding, the compulsive water-glass-fondling, the panicked I-wish-I-had-a-whiskey look, and you think, "My god, this is the guy who's supposed to save us from al Qaeda."...
The Lynching of Dan Rather
Greg Palast 2004-09-21 16:00
"It's that fear that keeps journalists from asking the toughest of the tough questions," the aging American journalist told the British television audience. In June 2002, Dan Rather looked old, defeated, making a confession he dare not speak on American TV about the deadly censorship -- and self-censorship -- which had seized US newsrooms. After September 11, news on the US...
Still Unreported: The Pay-Off in Bush Air Guard Fix
Greg Palast 2004-08-30 16:00
In 1968, former Congressman George Herbert Walker Bush of Texas, fresh from voting to send other men's sons to Vietnam, enlisted his own son in a very special affirmative action program, the 'champagne' unit of the Texas Air National Guard. There, Top Gun fighter pilot George Dubya was assigned the dangerous job of protecting Houston from Vietcong air attack. This week, former Lt. Governor Ben...
Muzzling Michael, Muzzling Me
Greg Palast 2004-05-06 16:00
When the fattened cats at Disney put the kibosh on Michael Moore's new film, 'Fahrenheit 9-11,' they did more than censor an artist. Gagging Moore is only the latest maneuver in suppressing some most uncomfortable facts: the Bush Administration's killing off investigations of Saudi Arabian funding of terror including evidence involving a few members of the bin Laden family in the USA. I know,...
Khan Job: Bush Spiked Probe of Pakistan"s Dr. Strangelove
Greg Palast 2004-02-09 17:00
On November 7, 2001, BBC Television's Newsnight and the Guardian of London reported that the Bush administration thwarted investigations of Dr. A.Q. Khan, known as the "father" of Pakistan's atomic bomb. This week, Khan confessed to selling atomic secrets to Libya, North Korea, and Iran. The Bush Administration has expressed shock at disclosures that Pakistan, our ally in the war on terror, has...
BBC at War
Greg Palast 2004-01-28 17:00
He did not say, "hello," or even his name, just left a one-word message: "Whitewash." It came from an embattled journalist whispering from inside the bowels of a television and radio station under siege, on a small island off the coast of Ireland: from BBC London. And another call, from a colleague at the Guardian: "The future of British journalism is very...
Fortunate Son
Greg Palast 2004-01-12 17:00
HORNS & HALOS, the documentary about the publication of this book, will screen on CINEMAX February 18th, 2004 at 7PM. Jim Hatfield? Wasn't he some kind of whack-o? Some kind of Conspiracy Theorist with fruitcake ideas out to get the Bushes? I've got to admit it. That's the first thing that popped into my head when Soft Skull suggested I write an...
Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam
Greg Palast 2003-12-16 17:00
Former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein was taken into custody yesterday at approximately 8:30pm Baghdad time. Various television executives, White House spin doctors and propaganda experts at the Pentagon are at this time wrestling with the question of whether to claim PFC Jessica Lynch seized the ex-potentate or that Saddam surrendered after close hand-to-hand combat with current Iraqi strongman...
Baker Takes the Loaf
Greg Palast 2003-12-11 17:00
Well, ho ho ho! It's an early Christmas for James Baker III. All year the elves at his law firm, Baker Botts of Texas, have been working day and night to prevent the families of the victims of the September 11 attack from seeking information from Saudi Arabia on the Kingdom's funding of Al Qaeda fronts. It's tough work, but this week came the payoff when President Bush appointed Baker,...