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The Marriage Amendment: Positions of Power
Ronald Neff 2004-07-26 15:00
Political observers who understand that ideas are the last thing that ever penetrates into the halls of government must grasp that the purpose of the marriage-amendment debate was =not= to pass an amendment to the Constitution. As evidence I offer the fact that Republicans knew in advance that they didn't have the votes to get that amendment passed. They may be dumb, but they (or at least their...
No Special Features; No Alternate Ending
Ronald Neff 2004-06-15 15:00
I strongly recommend that when the DVD of the Reagan funeral is made available all lovers of liberty get a copy and watch it. Indeed, study it. Because more mercilessly than ever I could, it will unfold what we are up against. More than any handy reminder or a book of quotations, that DVD will serve to impress upon you the immensity of the task before us, the expansiveness of the battle that...
That Makes Her a Heroine in My Book
Ronald Neff 2004-03-22 16:00
In the 1970s, we used to hear libertarians arguing for legalization of drugs. Somewhere along the line -- perhaps with NORML's call to "tax legal marijuana" -- we had to drop the word "legalize." It was too firmly associated with taxation and even licensure. We began using "decriminalize." Now I see an essay by a NORML policy analyst describing decriminalization as "a policy whereby cannabis...