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David C. Moorman is a struggling professional landscape designer who recently went into business for himself on account no one can stand working with the guy. To help make ends meet and to keep his old lady off his back, he is a part-time corporate liaison for a large conglomerate specializing in the logistics of specialty (Italian-American) food distribution. As previously mentioned, he is married to a Puerto Rican version of Attila the Hun, but he still feels love much the way a dog that is relentlessly kicked by his master does. The writer has two wonderful children, although their names escape him at the moment. The writer has no hobbies or anything else in life that he enjoys, sans for one thing . . . The Oakland Raiders


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Columns by David C. Moorman

The Choice of a New Generation
David C. Moorman 2004-06-10 16:00
It's coming to a community near you, much like the aplomb and excitement one experiences with a Hollywood summer blockbuster. But this be a blockbuster of a different sort. This is a real block buster. The blocks to be busted are to be you, the youth of your local community and mine. The sledgehammer doing the busting? The Universal National Service Act. Welcome to how to build a Gulag Nation 101...
Buddy, Can You Spare a Phone Call?
David C. Moorman 2004-05-27 16:00
In my last article, I briefly mentioned that I've been banned from calling "The Barbara Stanton Show," which is a production of Clear Channel Radio here in my home town of Victorville, in the People's Republic of California . Victorville, in case you aren't aware, is halfway between Sin City 1 (Las Vegas) and Sin City 2 (Los Angeles) in the Great Mojave Desert, and it's loaded with Republicrats....
Let"s Kill the Blondes!
David C. Moorman 2004-05-25 16:00
On Saturday, May 21st, while on my way to an appointment with a client, I had the pleasure of listening to "The Bill Postmus Show" on KIXW 960AM here in my hometown of Victorville, in the People's Republic of California . The show is hosted by a fine young Republican gentleman by the name of Anthony Adams. For those who obviously aren't aware, Bill Postmus is the 1st District Supervisor for the...
Wowie Zowie
David C. Moorman 2004-05-19 16:00
This from US News and World Report dated May 24, 2004 : "White House officials say they've got a 'working premise' about terrorism and the presidential election: It's going to happen. 'We assume,' says a top administration official, 'an attack will happen leading up to the election.' And, he added, 'It will happen here.' There are two worst-case scenarios, the official says. The first posits an...
An Anarchist"s View of Individual Rights vs. Collective Rights
David C. Moorman 2004-05-18 16:00
In one of the most reasoned and well thought out articles I've had the pleasure of reading, Michael Tennant's article, "Know Your Rights" correctly takes us through how a right is obtained, what, by definition, a right is, and the history of our modern rights. He is kinder than you care to believe however, in that, by providing a link to the UN Declaration of Rights, he has also shown us how...
I Feel a Draft!
David C. Moorman 2004-05-11 16:00
A couple of weeks ago, while listening to the self-proclaimed Doctor of Democracy, the poster-boy for all the well-to-do drug addicts in the oxcycontin crowd, I was fascinated by a statement this chicken hawk-banner wavin' neo-con made to a caller when he said, in effect, that all the talk about the upcoming draft was just that, talk. Well now, dumbass, if that's the case, why are there two bills...
Rights and Monopoly Money
David C. Moorman 2004-05-06 16:00
I suppose most people by now, at least hopefully, are aware that the game of life, i.e. commerce, is really played with funny money. Like, as in fiat dollars. Federal greenbacks exchangeable for stuff, but not substance. The whole system itself is dishonest. Dishonest in the fact the true legal ramifications of such a system are never willingly reveled to nor understood by the people. This stuff...
The True Opiate of the Masses
David C. Moorman 2004-05-05 16:00
I've stopped voting. I believe some people need rulers. Usually, those same people love to feel that they also rule. So they vote. Those who enjoy the thought of and the pursuit of individual liberty, along with people who simply don't care, make up those who don't vote. It is that simple, and that's the conclusion I've come to. I ask people all the time when I tell them that I no longer...