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Award winning artist, photographer and freelance journalist, Douglas Herman enjoys exploring the occasional ghost town or spooky conspiracy and can be found wandering the back roads of America. Recently Doug finished writing, directing and producing an independent feature film, naturally a "road movie," and credits STR for giving him the impetus to write well, both provocatively and entertainingly. A longtime gypsy, Doug completed a 10,000 mile circumnavigation of North America, by bicycle, at the age of 35, and still wanders between Bullhead City, Arizona and Kodiak, Alaska with forays frequently into the so-called civilized world of Greater LA.


Columns by Douglas Herman

Legends, Tall Tales, Holy Warriors and Cartoons
Douglas Herman 2005-06-21 15:00
Did a smoking dragon ever exist in that English tale of Saint George, or was one conveniently invented? Fire-breathing dragons, like shadowy terrorist organizations, exist to create enemies and thus "heroic" forceful responses. Without witches and demons and fiery dragons, no courageous holy warrior could rescue the fair maiden or deliver the peasants from infidels.
Why We Will Lose the War in Iraq
Douglas Herman 2005-06-15 15:00
Before the war in Iraq began--the covert black operation known as Operation Iraq Freedom--then-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill predicted a cost of approximately $200 billion for the operation. The media storm that greeted his forecast cost O'Neill his job. Unfortunately, the meter's still running, while the war machine idles at the curb, like an overheated Abrams tank. Now the estimate is $300...
Geronimo, Cochise and Osama bin Laden
Douglas Herman 2005-05-08 15:00
Geronimo, Cochise and Osama bin Laden by Douglas Herman
The War Lover and the Greatest War
Douglas Herman 2005-04-17 15:00
The last war on earth will either be a cause for celebration--or signal the likely extinction of that super race of mammals formerly known as "Man." (Some say the world will end before that happens, on December 21.
The Greatest War Movie Ever?
Douglas Herman 2005-04-06 15:00
War movies are about the closest most civilians'and most servicemen'will ever get to a war. Hollywood, for all of its failings (and there are many), often succeeds in portraying the facsimile of battle, if not the battle itself or the heart-rending interior carnage. But, God bless them, they do try and often attain a measure of success.
Last Living Will and Testament
Douglas Herman 2005-04-03 15:00
Last Living Will and Testament by Douglas Herman
Nuke the Holy Land--For World Peace
Douglas Herman 2005-03-29 15:00
"They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace." ~ Tacitus "And when His disciples James and John saw this, they said, "Lord, do you want us to command fire to come down from heaven and destroy them,--But he turned and rebuked them, saying, 'You do not know your attitude." ~ Luke 9:54-55
Is America the SS Titanic?
Douglas Herman 2005-03-27 15:00
In 1912 the steamship Titanic was an enormous floating palace with many levels of society enclosed in a single vessel. The upper levels of the ship housed the wealthy and powerful. Below the richly furnished staterooms of the elite, the corresponding levels of society descended to the very bottom of the ship, where the lowest classes lived and worked.
Dispatches of War: A Dozen Questions for Dahr Jamail
Douglas Herman 2005-03-21 16:00
Recently Dahr Jamail returned from Iraq. A working journalist with an uncanny knack for allowing the average Iraqi to speak and be heard, for putting his reporter's ear to the ground and his finger on the pulse of that country, Dahr agreed to answer a dozen questions for STR.
Serene Outlaw: Henry David Thoreau in His Second Century
Douglas Herman 2005-03-16 16:00
Sometimes we may take the man on the STR masthead for granted.  The subtle yet powerful influence of Henry David Thoreau probably remains his greatest creation.  The books, journals and manuscripts, his written observations, impressive as they may be, somehow seem secondary to that influence. Instead, his personal life, his unstinting optimism, his highly individualistic code, his...
Sex, Lies and Call Girls: Why the U.S. Media Is a Whore
Douglas Herman 2005-03-15 16:00
By contrast, the British tabloids sank their teeth into the Profumo affair. What began as an investigation into call girls and party houses became an embarrassing government scandal that cost a prime minister his job. Profumo's mistake, we are told, was to lie in his testimony before the House of Commons. Bush and his stable of journalistic whores seems unfazed by the current scandal; they...
Time and Tides Wash Us All Away
Douglas Herman 2005-03-09 16:00
Time and Tides Wash Us All Away by Douglas Herman
Iran Time Bomb: Ticking, Ticking
Douglas Herman 2005-03-02 16:00
I watch a lot of trash TV, too much for my own good. I watched the entire "Fear Factor: Couples," I'm ashamed to admit, simply because I enjoyed watching weird or embarrassing stunts performed by simple folks in pursuit of big bucks. Somewhere in all that weirdness, I'm convinced, is a moral lesson or a telling reflection of 21st Century American values. Plus I wonder where they get all those...
CSI: American Mammoth, R.I.P.
Douglas Herman 2005-01-30 16:00
The immense woolly mammoth needed a drink badly. The sheen of water beckoned to the mammal but something made her pause, some sixth sense that warned her to beware. One of the largest land mammals that strode the earth, she stood not far from where modern, downtown Los Angeles stands today, breathing deeply the odor of future industrial might. Yet, the smell--pungent, acrid, oily--forced the...
Brothers in Arms
Douglas Herman 2005-01-23 16:00
These mist covered mountains Are a home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Some day you'll return to Your valleys and your farms And you'll no longer burn To be brothers in arms --"Brothers In Arms," by Dire Straits
Money--Funny, Scary, Paper Money
Douglas Herman 2004-12-05 16:00
Fifteen years ago I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I spent a year there trying to be Paul Gauguin but found instead that I was a lesser artist: myself. At that time--1989/1990--few tourists traveled to Brazil. Rio was considered the most dangerous city in the world, with around 2,000-3,000 murders annually. If that weren't enough, inflation for 1989 was about 1,200% annually, as I recall. Each...
Remember the Alamo--In Downtown Iraq
Douglas Herman 2004-11-22 16:00
Imagine what the Alamo must have looked like after the battle. Bodies strewn everywhere; the stench overpowering in the Texas heat. Dogs and vultures chewing on the mangled carcasses (before they were burned). Smashed adobe walls; wreckage and rubble smouldering while scavengers picked through the ruins. Now you have a pretty reliable picture of Fallujah today, an Islamic Alamo in historic,...
Resident Evil--1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Douglas Herman 2004-11-17 16:00
Some people believe the White House is haunted. I prefer to believe the building is demon possessed. How else to explain the almost continuous flow of evil that channels through the place? How else except a demonic convergence, or porthole to hell itself, to explain the millions of deaths that can easily be attributed to the policies that originate there? Almost like Satan enjoyed a guest...
A Time to Love and a Time to Die
Douglas Herman 2004-11-10 16:00
How could we have lost this war, they must have asked themselves at home? We have the best soldiers, the best pilots, the best generals. But at the front, where the battle was fought, the gaudy victories gave way to a series of disquieting defeats and then painful retreats. The best army in the world was being destroyed, piece by piece, by an insurgency of peasant soldiers. A Time to Love and a...
Bush "Won"? Wonderful!
Douglas Herman 2004-11-08 16:00
An irresponsible rich kid wrecks the family car while running a red light and demolishes a store, killing the storekeeper and his family. The parents of the kid try to bail him out, while his siblings and friends stand around and make excuses. The uncontrite kid spews a drunken righteousness for the mess that leaves witnesses wondering, but the family pays for damages--to the car--and returns...
What Ever Happened to Osama bin Forgotten?
Douglas Herman 2004-10-18 15:00
What ever happened to Osama Bin? Forgotten? Rarely do you hear the name Osama anymore. The talking heads of the media rarely question his whereabouts. The Long Island Light Brigade of Hannity & O'Reilly, the Fat Cracker Brigade of Limbaugh & Hastert; the Wailing Wall Brigade of Perle & Ledeen; the Frantic Fraulein Brigade of Coulter & Parker hardly seem bothered by his fugitive...
Silver: The Precious Metal That Spurred the Conquest of a Continent
Douglas Herman 2004-10-03 15:00
The Spanish Conquistidors called it--or "plata"--silver plate, and this lusty band of amoral conquerers burst upon the New World for the exact same reason we now burst upon the treasure laden Persian Gulf. If the Spanish could corner the silver mines in Mexico, Bolivia and Peru, they could control an enormous supply of wealth and perhaps the world. Silver was the oil of the Sixteenth...
A Tale of Two AWOLs: Dubya & I
Douglas Herman 2004-09-27 15:00
"I'm the kinda man likes to get away, like to start dreamin' about tomorrow today" --Marshall Tucker Band: Heard It In A Love Song Dubya and I were reluctant warriors once. Thirty five years ago we were both stuck in Texas at the height of the Vietnam War, he in the Texas Air National Guardat Ellington AFB in Houston, and I at Lackland AFB in San Antonio. Where we each went--when we fled Texas...
Stupid U: College of Criminal Arts
Douglas Herman 2004-05-27 15:00
Most of us dream of an Ivy-League education. Millions sacrifice to send their children to Harvard, Princeton or Yale, filled with visions of prestige, public service and financial security. Each year, thousands of young adults graduate from these bucolic universities to guide our nation-state--formerly known as a republic some two hundred years ago--along the paths of empire-building as we know...
"Cover Your Ass"
Douglas Herman 2004-05-18 15:00
"I am no kook, hippie, hawk, or dove. I am just a veteran combat photographer and foreign correspondent who cares intensely about my country and the role we are playing -and assigning to ourselves--in the world of today. And I want to shout a loud protest at what has happened at Khesanh and in all of Vietnam." ~ David Douglas Duncan, I Protest. Recently Special Forces veteran Stan Goff wrote an...
Deadliest Catch: One Alaska Fisherman to Another
Douglas Herman 2008-09-28 15:00
Exclusive to STR September 29, 2008
The Confessions of Osama Bin Laden
Douglas Herman 2008-11-17 16:00
I confess I did not know then, but I know now, why you Americans stopped chasing me at Tora Bora in October 2001.
Does the American Empire Deserve to Die?
Douglas Herman 2009-11-01 16:00
 Exclusive to STR November 2, 2009 I’m halfway through a reflective book written by an old curmudgeon. Part patriot, part historian, all gadfly, Gore Vidal wrote Imperial America: Reflections on the United States of Amnesia in 2004, just before the upcoming national elections. Almost a time capsule coupled with dire prophecy, the book is a sober,...
Adventures in Silver and Gold, Part 1: Seeking Precious Metal in The Melting Pot of Life
Douglas Herman 2011-04-25 02:00
Column by Douglas Herman. Exclusive to STR Metal, heavy metal is much in the news these days. While heavy radioactive metals are melting down in Japan, the twin precious metals of gold and silver are melting upwards. We are always surrounded by precious metal. It is inside us. Sometimes we sacrifice our more precious mettle inside of us to sweat and sacrifice and finally extract the less valuable...
Star-Crossed Super Ships: Titanic, Enterprise, America
Douglas Herman 2012-03-22 23:00
Column by Douglas Herman. Exclusive to STR The whole world looked different one hundred years ago.   In 1912, the automobile and the airplane were curiosities. England enjoyed an enormous empire in 1912, served by freighters, tankers, liners and warships. As immigration flooded across the Atlantic Ocean, hundreds of those ships ferried passengers across to America. Shipyards launched bigger...
Dick Cheney and the Dead Pool
Douglas Herman 2014-07-07 06:41
Column by Douglas Herman. Exclusive to STR “It is a universal trend for peoples to unite in a national emergency.” ~ Uri Avnery Dick Cheney rarely reads my columns here at STR. Certainly I’m glad that millions of Winston Smiths over at NSA read my stuff. I want them to read my stuff. I want young and impressionable minds, like Edward Snowden, to read STR and have ideas implanted...
Kindness Generates Kindness
Douglas Herman 2014-06-27 06:16
Column by Douglas Herman. Exclusive to STR “I’d love to change the world But I don't know what to do So I'll leave it up to you” ~ Ten Years After Memorial Day weekend. Mixed emotions. Sunshine and flowers in bloom and flags flying everywhere. Pretty girls and propaganda on TV and more empty, patriotic slogans from those who want to stir up trouble but never served....
They Stole His Money, Her Money & Mine Too
Douglas Herman 2012-01-24 00:00
Column by Doug Herman. Exclusive to STR  Just before the holidays, I walked into my local Wells Fargo bank to cash a small birthday check one of my sisters gave to me. Imagine my surprise when the teller informed me my small savings account was closed. I told her she was mistaken, and asked her to please check again; I knew I had about $800 in the account and I never use the ATM and don...
All My Heroes Died Broke, Broken, Not Beaten
Douglas Herman 2012-03-08 00:00
Column by Douglas Herman. Exclusive to STR  “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure that it will kill you too, but there will be no special hurry.” ~ Ernest Hemingway   Recently I...
Fifty Years After JFK, the Empire Strikes Back
Douglas Herman 2013-11-04 08:12
Column by Douglas Herman. Exclusive to STR H3 { margin-top: 0.14in; margin-bottom: 0in; color: rgb(79, 129, 189); page-break-inside: avoid; }H3.western { font-family: "Cambria",serif; font-size: 12pt; }H3.cjk { font-family: "Arial Unicode MS"; font-size: 12pt; }H3.ctl { font-size: 12pt; }P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { }“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able...
Black Swans vs. Canary in the Coal Mine
Douglas Herman 2012-02-27 00:00
Column by Doug Herman. Exclusive to STR  Not all Black Swans are created equally.     Orchestrated human events are rarely Black Swan events. No matter how surprising to the masses, sudden and spectacular world events are rarely random, or so called Black Swans. Most Black Swans are human creations, created by and for the power elites. Pearl Harbor (1941), followed by the...
'Lone Gunman': Suspicious Similarities, Norwegian, Australian, American Shooters
Douglas Herman 2012-12-17 08:24
Column by Douglas Herman. Exclusive to STR “We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.” ~ Katherine Graham, Publisher of the Washington...
A Naturalist Looks at Avatar
Douglas Herman 2010-01-12 03:00
Exclusive to STR Maybe you’ve seen the first billion dollar movie. Maybe you saw it in 3-D, at an IMAX theater, with Dolby Surround Sound. Maybe you saw that movie and wondered what James Cameron was trying to say, if anything, and whether it was just another popcorn matinee movie with little substance behind the special effects.  Avatar might be one of those movies discussed in...