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Yarlan Zey used to write frequently for Strike the Root under his real name, but he had to abandon his home-office career, which enabled him to publish proudly under that name. He still needs a paycheck, but under the "corporate culture" and hire-the-vet regimes of most employers, he would quickly become financial toast if this bit of fun were connected to him. He is now engaging in der deutsche Blick. Oops!


Yarlan was once under the tutelage of monks and took from it what was good and laughed at the bad. He is loved by family members, and sometimes he returns their love with undeserved snark. He is flawed. At times he causes pain to friends, but they still love him, thank god. He wrote hundreds of letters to the editor, feature articles, and editorials in business magazines and daily newspapers when they were made of paper (before the Internet[s] of Dubya). He was a co-founder of Metro-Detroit Libertarians, a regular "responder" to weekly televised editorials on NBC, CBS, and ABC affiliates in the Detroit area. These were great fun. Before continuing his journey to voluntarism and adopting his current policy of non-participation (which he does not require of others), he used politics to educate. He garnered 11% of the vote in his run for the Michigan Assembly in 1986. He has dozens of web articles -- paid and unpaid -- and is positively medieval in many of his views, but only the good ones. He was "detained" by policemen more than once, betrayed by anti-war progressives who changed “focus” to ObamaCare after their war-monger took office, and was physically threatened more than once by marines (including a reporter of an NBC affiliate) because of his protest signs. He joyfully disrupted election and convention floors in San Diego with a band of merry voluntaryists and Air Force Witches. He hung a jury attempting to railroad a victimless criminal -- as jury foreman, triggering a lunge across the table by a security guard fellow jurist. Yarlan is Napoleonic in stature. He expiate his sins by volunteering for presentations, at non-profit freedom foundations, voluntaryist events, and self-directed learning centers. He has failed to end the state.